Monday, June 22, 2009

Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

Before giving you this review I feel compelled to tell you that I don't knit. I know nothing about knitting, sewing or any craft of the like. I can't differentiate between a knitted or a crocheted (sp??) blanket. I did want to read this book not only because it has a snazzy cover (yes, I'm shallow like that) but because the basic story line sounded kind of fun. Oh, I also have never seen Steel Magnolias (stop your booing- that's rude) which set me back because the cover touts this as Steel Magnolias set in Manhattan. I had a lot going against me here. Now on with the review!

You absolutely must read this book. It's basically the story of a group of women all from different backgrounds and at different points in their lives that somehow form the Friday Night Knitting Club. At the center is Georgia Walker and her daughter Dakota that run the store and Georgia is a reluctant member of the club. Her mentor, Anita, kind of guides Georgia into the club and basically is winds from there. I must tell you two things: A). I had a hard time getting into it, but I'm glad I stuck with it. and B.) I cried like a mother fucking baby at the end. I am so serious- I cried, had to locate a box of Klennex and blow my nose like I had a sinus infection. I scared my cat, I blubbered to Matt like these were real people and of course he didn't give a damn. You really need to read this because it's such a great story about women and how important it is to just have a group of ladies to have there, even if you aren't great friends or close in any way. It also is a great story about forgiveness and how to put things into perspective. And guess what??? I see there is the sequel coming out in November. WOOT!!! You know I'm all about sequels. :) HAHA!!

Stayed tuned for my review of "Bright Lights, Big Ass" and "Bitter Is The New Black" by Jen Lancaster as well as the True Blood DVD series one set which Target has finally gotten in. Thank you rain check for allowing me to purchase it at 51% off now that their sale is over.


Latharia said...

Okay, okay ... you've convinced me. If a copy wanders my way, I'll give it a read. :) I also know next-to-nothing about knitting ... and it's good to know that it doesn't matter!

Sara said...

I keep eyeing this book and even as a knitter and crocheter, I've been reluctant to read the book. Your review has convinced me. :) I wandered over from The Treadler where you won for Suzy Floozy. Cute idea!