Friday, September 11, 2009

The 30/30 List- FINAL VERSION

Ok, I know that I have promised this for awhile. It has taken me a LONG time to think of 30 things that I can do before I'm 30 (March 10, 2012) that is within my budget and reasonable. My life's bucket list is obviously much larger, but I need to have something to ease me into the transition to 30. (*hold me*)

So here it is:
1. Go kayaking- DONE
2. Go parachuting
3. Go on a sailboat ride
4. Write a book-- in progress
5. Take the kids to Disney World-- scheduled for October
6. Try snorkeling again- try not to drown
7. Learn how to play one song on a piano
8. Take a road trip with friends
9. Go to Las Vegas with Matt
10. Run a 5K-- I'm training. Kind of.
11. Learn how to knit something
12. Attend my 10 year High School reunion (note to self, renew anxiety meds. LOL!)
13. See 10 concerts before I’m 30-- one in September (Kings of Leon) * Paramore in October
14. Go on a helicopter ride
15. Dye my hair
16. Trip to another country (Canada counts)
17. Lose at least 15 pounds
18. Go camping. Outside. In a tent.
19. Visit the Grand Canyon
20. Wear a bikini (preferably after losing the weight) (note to self: being drunk may help)
21. Read 500 books before I’m 30
22. Create a family tree book for the kids
23. See the Northern Lights
24. Go tubing and/or canoeing
25. Take kids to the Wisconsin Dells--tentatively scheduled for summer 2010
26. Hike through the sea caves in the winter
27. Road trip weekend with Matt to anywhere
28. See a waterfall I’ve never seen before
29. Try skiing
30. Be happy

I hope I can do these. I know I can- I am just really lazy. So I will periodically keep updating you on this. Feel free to cheer or jeer. I will post pictures of each thing I finish as proof. :)


The Treadler said...

Awesome list1

There certainly are things on there I'd love to try (before I'm too geriatric). Here's hoping for lots of pictures as the adventures unfold!

Sony said...

mmm.. 0kay, but please come out alive by the time you accomplish your list and turn 30!

Deepika said...

wow!! there's lot of go here, go there, n do this and do that!! :) i hope you find time for all of them.. and M waiting for the pictures too! :)