Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Sketchy #3/Thank You Ann

So this is a two fold post because both go together even though it happened to be a coincidence.

#1. In this post I mentioned that I was officially a winner. Ann from Creative Antics had a blog giveaway happening and I managed to win. Because yah- I'm cool like that. So I got my prize (which was a mystery until I got it) just the other day:

#2. And as you'll notice from Ann's blog she makes awesome cards. Like the rest of us pale in comparison because she is so awesome. So I decided that I would make cards, using the supplies she so graciously mailed me. Please turn your head to the left to see these properly.

Um, Blogger? If you could just stop fucking with my pictures..that'd be great. THANKS.

#3. So then I see on her blog that she's a guest designer for Get Sketchy, and somehow I know I knew this but I tend to surpress things that I can't use day to day. Because really? There's only so much room. So the sketch this week is:

Um yeah...so I inadvertently did the sketch (without even knowing what it was), using the supplies Ann gave me, who just happens to be on the design team for the sketch challenge.

DIVINE INTERVENTION I tell you. If I don't win or at least get top 5 this week- I may lose my shit. You can't tempt fate folks. :)

And in a very sad turn of events, my cat Lenny ate my "You Rock My World" stamp and later puked it up on the kitchen floor. So I am mourning the loss of my cool new stamp that I only got to use two times (inside of each of the cards I made), but happy he puked on the kitchen floor instead of the carpet. Again.


Ann said...

Dammit, Lenny, quit screwing over your mom!

Ashli said...


I never win anything :( I swear I have the world's worst luck.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the happy mail.
Thanks for playing with us at GET SKETCHY!

~amy~ said...

I was totally cracking up reading your post...not about the loss of your stamp though...that is TRAGIC. fabbie card...thanks for playing with us over at Get Sketchy!