Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Reviews: Burn (by Linda Howard), The Girl She Used To Be (by David Cristofano), If I Stay (Gayle Forman)

I have read so many books lately, but here are three that stand out:

Burn: Linda Howard

You know I love me some romance novel, yo and Linda Howard always delivers for me. She really is one of my favorite romance novelists and not only because the stories are always so hokey, but because the men described are usually what I'd like in a guy. Nevermind my husband is not like any of her characters- which let's be real, is probably why I read these. :) But Burn is a really fun, quick read. Is the story plausible? No- but who gives a damn when you get kidnapped by a hot guy who you end up having great sex with and he falls in love with you? Oh yeah- very cool. Plus, anytime Linda write about Black Ops/Secret Agents- I'm there. Secretly- I'd like to think I'd like that kind of job being all secretive. :)

The Girl She Used To Be: David Cristofano

I have to be honest with you here. I cried on this one. I usually don't read the backs of books to see what they are about, as I've mentioned several times I judge books by covers. I totally do. I don't have a lot of time to read, so if the cover can't catch me it's screwed. So this cover kind of reminded me of myself- staring down at my options, figuring out what to do. Coincidentally- the book really isn't about that, it's about a woman who has lived most of her life in Witness Protection and tries to get out of it, but then the book takes a turn into a love story. A sad, but really endearing love story. I'd like to think there would be a part 2 of this where the characters get together..but I suspect David will keep me waiting. I wish he wouldn't be such a bastard and just write a sequel though! :)

If I Stay: Gayle Forman

Some are asking, "jeez Sara, if you judge books by covers- why did you pick this one?" Because I really like the color blue, bitches. Don't get all technical on me.

This book is a "Young Adult" book which means nothing because it is FANTASTIC and you MUST read this. I don't get all strong willed about a book, ok- that's a lie, I feel the same way about this book (which if you haven't read it yet- I'm disappointed in you). But this book is about a young girl, on the brink of so many great opportunities in her life who's family is taken away from her. She's in an accident and basically has to decide whether to fight for her life and live, or give up and die- in order to be with her family who've already died. Talk about heart wrenching. You are right there with her, weighing the pros/cons and thinking about what would you do. The amazing thing is that I got this book done in THREE HOURS. I could not stop reading. I started at bedtime just to get a few pages in and literally could not stop. Needless to say I looked terrible at work the next day- but it was totally worth it.

My favorite parts of the book are when the nurses are talking to her remaining friends and extended family and keep reiterating that it's up to her. They can only do so much as medical staff- but it's up to her to decide. Most heart wrenching moment that made me burst into tears and wake up my husband? When her Grandfather talks to her (she's not awake, she's in a coma) and basically says he'd like for her to stay, but understands if she needs to go, thus giving her the permission she needs. OH.MY.GOD. Cry like a mother fucking baby. And I agree, I think people do decide when to go. At least I would like to think I have some control over it. :)

These are GREAT reads and I highly recommend them!

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