Monday, August 23, 2010

The time Matt almost killed my kids. With witnesses.

Maybe I should have named this post "First Ever MN/WI Blogger Meetup" but whatever. I kind of think my title is more catchy.

So Krysten is awesome and arranged for only the super cool people who blog in MN/WI to get together and wow everyone with our awesomeness. (Did you not get the invite?? Yikes. That *might* mean you aren't cool. Check into that.) We were going to meet at Como Zoo yesterday and five of us did. Actually- a sixth was supposed to come but after checking with Krysten and then Krysten never hearing from her again we've concluded that:

A. She gave up trying to find parking.
B. She found a parking spot, found us, and was scared by our awesomeness.
C. She was abducted and murdered somewhere in the picnic area.

To our credit, Krysten and I totally looked at bushes to see if we saw feet sticking out afterwards. We saw nothing, so let's hope she just chickened out. Otherwise I might feel bad.

Anyways. So the zoo was fun. I brought my kids and Matt because we got once a year and I figured I'd be all multi-tasker and bring them and get the trip out of the way. So smart I am.

This isn't Matt or my kids. It's me and Krysten burning our armpits on the monkey thingie. The monkey exhibit smells. FYI.

I bought the kids snowcones because I rock like that and I told them, "Absolutely do not drop these because I am not buying another one." Thankfully- my kids follow directions. When we get to the exhibit where the lions and big furry things are I see that there are stairs. I tell Matt (who's pushing the double stroller), "Dude-there's stairs." And he gives me the look that means he will do what he wants because he thinks he's right and says, "So what." Um- so he makes it down two, maybe, when I hear Olivia scream and see Jackson tumble down the concrete steps. Both snowcones have been lost but dammit if they weren't holding the container they were in. They TRIED to hold them. So obviously Matt forgot to strap the kids into the fucking stroller. I was so mad I seriously would have probably killed him with my water bottle.

(Dear Ladies- you saved a man's life on Sunday and you didn't even know it. FYI.)

Seriously. I can't even believe him sometimes. He does these kinds of things all of the time, and then gets pissed off because I get angry. Ugh. Seriously. Anyways.

So I had to get new snowcones to make up for his suckiness as a parent and then I become the favorite. :)

It was so hot yesterday and while us grown ups were dying the kids did super well and never complained about the heat at all. Most of the animals looked like they were on the verge of death so that kind of sucks. Poor furry animals. :(

But here's us at the very end. We should have taken it at the beginning because we would have looked a million times better. But I think we all lost a little bit of weight from sweat. So, bonus I guess??

It was great to meet all of them and I'm excited for the next one. Which we've decided is going to be in Krysten's pool.

Oh- and I am going to post ten year reunion and senior year of high school stuff tomorrow and Wednesday. Yes- it's a double post. Yes- it will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sad......

It's times like these that I rue being so far away from the fun.

Gla dyou had a good time though, boo. Dig the pigtails.

Ang said...

Your poor kids... they sure were holding onto those containers after the tumble. Either way, they are adorable, so at least Matt makes cute kids. Give him credit there.

Pleasure to meet you.. Krysten's pool for sure, although knowing us, we'll probably plan that for the middle of winter.

Crystal said...

Unless the kids were smart enough to figure out that stairs + unstrapping themselves = BONUS SNOW CONES! A risky plan, but high rewards if you pull it off.

Asha said...

Your kids were probably giving your husband the stink-eye after that spill, both of themselves but especially their sno-cones. I hope you remembered to wear your Supermom costume under your clothes.

Alpha Za said...

Look on the brightside: Your kids will probably forget the incident by next week.

Matt will be very sorry and let you do whatever you want for the next month

You got to meet some totally cool chicks! how was it btw? What did you guys do other than make a plan for world domination?

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ditto what Ang said. But even if we accidentally plan a get together for my pool in winter we can then come inside and hang out by the fireplace. Either way - WIN!

Sara said...

A blog meet-up sounds like so much fun! And at the zoo is bonus. :) Smack Matt on the head for me. What was he thinking?!

Danielle said...

I'm so jealous you guys all got to meet! :) Glad it was a good time though, not gonna lie I laughed really hard when Matt pushed the stroller down the stairs. After of course you said everyone was okay!!!!

Hope everything else is going well, I've missed you since I've been MIA!

Annah said...

Awwwwww.... I need to do one of these for Miami bloggers. That would be FUN!

Julie H said...

That's really really bad!! I bet you totally wanted to throw him down the stairs. I am getting to the point where I hate to do any family outings. The man ruins them every time with his whining and attitude OR he decides to have some kind of health problem. Really freaking annoying.

Another David said...

i see what you did there. letting matt injure the kids, so you buy them snowcones, and then you become the favorite. clever girl...