Monday, February 7, 2011


Now, before you all panic about my mental state of mind, know that I'm not actually lonely. No. I'm reviewing a book by the name. Talk your fingers off the "Panic!" button.

I'm going to start by telling you I really enjoy memoirs. I like getting an insight into someone else's world and I like trying to see how I could relate. How the information they present could translate to my life.

I learned quickly that this book doesn't really fit either of those categories. If we're being honest- I really struggled through this book. I almost gave up on page 52 out of 326. I mean, at page 52 I felt like I didn't understand the actual point of this book other than the author telling us she's lonely and that it's not depression, it is actually its own illness.

Most memoirs focus on the main character's story; however, this memoir provided a lot of science. A lot of detail into the little things that don't actually matter. I felt overwhelmed because scientific studies are presented and if it's not what you were expecting- it's daunting. It on its own felt like a scientific study and that made it difficult to relate to Emily. I didn't view her as a character anymore by as a bystander maybe describing what it would be like if you were lonely, not as the character suffering through loneliness.

As a person who suffers from depression and anxiety, who has friends, family, etc that are of the same affliction... I know what it's like to deal with mental illness. I'm sympathetic to it and I realize how difficult it is. But even I had a hard time understanding what makes loneliness different from depression.

In all, I would recommend this book if you are interested in scientific facts and that actual analytical side of human nature. If you, or someone you know, suffers from actual loneliness would benefit from this book. I encourage you to look at Emily's website and her blog to get more information about loneliness, the book, and more information about the author.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I almost chose this book but then decided to pass and you are making me VERY glad I did.

P.S. I saw you're also reviewing Hush. I can't wait to know what you thought of it!

Jandy xx said...

hmm, looks like a good one for me

The Mrs. said...

Love your new picture :)

Mama Mary said...

I'm still trying to make it through Book 3 of the HUnger Games trilogy. It's taking me forever! This sounds interesting though! The analytical side of human nature is pretty fascinating!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this wasn't what you were expecting - that does make it difficult to enjoy a book. Still, thanks for sharing your thoughts as part of this tour!