Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Time Low concert. With a not so super review.

You may remember that last Thursday I was going to the All Time Low concert with my sister in law. Oh yes, it's all coming back to you know. So here are some pictures and my honest review.

First, our drive down was pretty easy. We stopped for gas in Pine City and saw this sign. We both felt that this is what your poop would look like after eating one.
OK. So we get to the venue early and the first two things we notice are: A) we are way older than everyone around us and B) we are not emo enough. We waited in line in the cold for about two hours and once we got inside I was so numb. I wore capris and a short sleeve shirt because hello- I almost melted the last time I was at First Avenue. Anyways.

The first band to play was the Summer Set. Now, I liked their music for the most part so I was kind of excited to see them. The sad part is that they kind of suck live. I didn't get into the music at all and felt like maybe they didn't want to be there. I look over and realize I'm standing right next to a ten year old boy who is like, losing his shit, over this band. I felt kind of sad for him? Because this band was sucking. And for how young the crowd was, I was super disappointed in all of the bands for being so vulgar. Normally I don't care but the fact that this crowd was comprised of mostly under 17 year old kids and their chaperones, I felt like it wasn't really ok.
Second band to play was Hey Monday. I have their sign song EP and kind of like it, but they are the newest band to me in that night's line up. They also weren't that great. So much so that I was even debating on just leaving the show. This band hails from Florida and so clearly want to be the next Paramore. I've seen Paramore in concert before and this singer (and band) have nothing on Paramore. They need to find their own niche because what they have going isn't working for me.
 The third band to play was Yellowcard. Now, I am not a big Yellowcard fan but I do like a lot of their music. Kate (my sister in law) is a pretty big fan so she was excited to see them. Honestly though? They aren't very good live. I have seen better cover bands than this and I was pretty damn disappointed. I have a big thing that if they don't sound like they do on their record... I lose respect and interest. Which sucks because I liked their new single.
 Soon after Yellowcard started Kate wanted to go sit down. Keep in mind, by this point she had been awake for 37 hours since she didn't get much sleep two nights before, had to work overnight, got to my house at 6 am, tried fixing a hair dye job gone horribly wrong until we left around 11am. So the poor girl was a bit delirious. Obviously the few bar stools they have in there were taken so we had to settle for the filthy stairwell leading up to the balcony area. It was gross, but sitting down was nice. AND we realized we could still see everything really well.
 And the most important thing? Drinking enough water so you aren't delirious and dehydrated on the very long car ride home.
 But Yellowcard was so shitty that I spent a good portion of that set admiring my favorite concert shoes. I really love these shoes.
 OK. So then All Time Low came on and I was fully prepared for a shit set because everything else sucked and so it would only be a fitting way to cap off an extremely long day. But no.

All Time Low are AMAZING live.
They are super funny, super inappropriate and are just really talented. Of all of the bands I have ever seen.. I would say that their crowd interaction has been the best I have ever seen. Hands down. I think they told they audience nobody leaves without being fingered, then people threw bras up and they wore them on their heads or microphone stands, they were just really lively and most importantly- sounded fantastic live.

I had a really great time just watching their show, but one of the highlights was an acoustic version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and then they morphed that into their song "Therapy" which is kind of an iconic song for me.

So overall, the show was really shitty until All Time Low came on. They did a really great job and made me not completely regret the money I spent on the ticket and gas to get there. :)

TOMORROW I have two giveaway winners to announce. :) Come back lovahs.


Dana said...

Glad the band you went to see was actually good. I guess that's all that matters. I don't even care about opening bands anymore. I usually don't even show up until just before the headliner comes on. And that picture of the food? Gross!
PS- you need to move down to the Twin Cities so you can see all the concerts you want without having to drive 2+ hours!

Oilfield Trash said...

Well it looks like you had a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

So I totally checked out Hello Monday because of your Paramore reference and yeah... whoa. No.

Liking the Therapy song though. omg. We might have to import songs to my computer sometime :)

Unknown said...

Oh my GOSH that sounds awful...I would have left a quarter way in...kudos for your perserverance

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am so glad that you didn't walk away thinking what a waste of money and they way this post started I was starting to think that was how it would end...........and there is nothing worse then feeling like that.

I hope your sister in-law managed to get a decent nights sleep.

Jennifer Kay said...

Do I detect some skinny-ness in your face? I'm thinking so.

Ang said...

your concert shoes ARE cute! Glad you had a chance to reconnect with them ;)

Also glad your band came through for you... It's always so hard when people/bands suck live... it's a LOT of money to spend on a shit show!

Unknown said...

I'm glad they were able to pull the show out of the gutter. Sometimes, when your opening acts SUCK BALLS, it's hard to salvage a show.

And yellowcard, while decent, are still meh. I probably only know two of their songs.