Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Stuff... and stuff.

I'm going to promote myself just a bit (because I can and I will) and then tell you about stuff happening.

So today I got a few Etsy shop things done and listed because I hadn't had time the previous week so here they are.

Tangerine Friendship set of 6 cards with envelopesWith Sympathy DuoEaster Duo Cards with Envelopes

From left to right: The Tangerine Friendship set of 6. I totally love this paper and the flowers so I made a set for myself. I have quite a few notes to write to some friends and so these will be awesome. Then my new thing is doing card duo's, so instead of a set of 6 and the lameness of only buying one... you get TWO cards. So I have my With Sympathy ones because I seem to be using a bunch personally, and then the Easter Duos. I know not everybody is into sending cards for Easter, but I totally am. And the reason I did Easter duos is so I could send Easter pictures of my kids to the grandparents.. genius, huh? I might not get Easter cards to everyone this year but I never forget the grandparents and great grandparents. And $3 for two homemade cards is a steal, people.

So go to my SHOP and buy stuff.

In other news... I have the My Chemical Romance/Neon Trees/the Architects concert happening on Tuesday. I don't know if I'll have a post for you or not since I'm leaving Superior way early. We'll see.

Saturday we had Jackson's birthday party at the Children's Museum, and I'll share pictures of that soon. He had an awesome time. I was kind of bummed out that over half of the people I invited didn't come. Now, on the RSVP I specifically put "regrets only" on there because I know people hate to RSVP. I don't know why because it's RUDE AS FUCK NOT TO (and any person who's ever hosted a party should know that). The other thing was that I am basically paying for these people to get into the museum... so if nothing else, it's a free day for you and your kids. Like... take me up on that offer homies. I don't know. I'm just getting annoyed with people not RSVP'ing. So when I say "regrets only" I assume that you are coming if I don't hear from you. It's just really annoying to plan something and then have people not show up when you think they are.

I mean, the people who came are awesome and they are SO good to my kids and they are great friends of mine. They really are. And I think everyone who came had a great time and I know my kids did so that's all that counts. And my brother took his lunch break at a weird time so he could make a quick appearance- and Jackson was thrilled.

With that being said, yeah. Matt and I spent an HOUR trying to open his new things. He got some new little trucks, this interactive map toy, a cool truck that talks and he can "fix", bug catcher stuff, superhero flying plane thing, and our friends gave him a $15 gift card towards a big boy bike. So yeah. We couldn't afford to get him one (even though I really tried hard.. it just didn't happen) so this will help. I'm hoping in the next payday or two we can swing it.

Um.. what else. Oh. So last week was his 3 year old checkup and I sent Matt because I had to work. Well it turns out he hasn't grown (at all) in the last YEAR. Yeah. Here I was just thinking he's short and little. Um, no. He hasn't grown. He's in the 3rd percentile for height, 4th for weight and nobody knows why. He eats like a little pig for crying out loud. So what is happening is that he is going to the hospital on Thursday for lab work because his doctor wants to make sure that we don't have an underlying problem. So.. I'm sure it's all going to say he's normal and that in fact, he's just a little guy. But then in the back of my head I always worry something else could be happening. I'm sure it's not, but I'm a bit irrational like that.

OK. That's me and my Sunday ramblings. OH! Before I forget- I'm a guest blogger today for Kate and you should check it out.


Oilfield Trash said...

You have one busy woman.

Heather said...

I just had my sister's bridal shower and did "regret's only." I had the same thing happen...people didn't show and didn't RSVP. I was PISSED. So I totally feel your pain.

Ruth said...

Some kids just never seem to grow and than all once they do.
That's probably all there is to it.
You worry cause you're a good mom.

Ashley said...

Your cards look beautiful!! I added your shop as a favorite. :)

Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a giveaway related to my Etsy shop. Here's the link -

Josie said...

You're going to the concert on my birthday! So have fun for me! And I LOVE those tangerine cards. If I had $11 I would buy them. I went to your shop and pouted over them if that makes you feel any better.

Ang said...

I always RSVP however I'm asked - yes or no. I'd be pissed too... you should probably gut those people. (this is just me feeling stabby and wanting people to die, don't really do it if you don't want to).

As for the little one - I'll be hoping that everything comes out okay for the little dude! I know you will, but keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

My brother stopped growing at one point too (though this was more when he was about a year old or so). They ran lots of tests & talked about all sorts of things they could do. They ended up deciding he was ok & he started growing again. He's still not the biggest for his age, but he's not teeny anymore either. It's probably ok!

Annah said...

Pray your baby gets better and that nothing major is going on. He's such a little cutey pattootie.

And I hate, HATE! When people don't effin' RSVP. So damn rude!

SherilinR said...

rude wastards (weasly+bastard=wastard) messing you up by not RSVPing. cuz it's just so much effort.
hey, at least your son hasn't outgrown any clothes this year! my daughter grew almost none at all for a couple years & wore the same clothes for nearly 3 years & then had a massive growth spurt & suddenly caught up. she's 8 now & normal.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I can totaly relate when I had my mums 70th I had people who didn't RSVP and some who said they would come and then not turn up so bloody frustrating.

Glad to hear that Jackson had a great time and sounds like he got some awsume gifts lucky boy.

I remember when my brother was little he didn't grow at all for over a year and had to go and have tests they found no reason for him not to grow and said he would just be a bit shock there as my dad is only 5'2" and mum is 5'4".

My brother is now 32 and is 5'10" short my

Although nothing wrong with being short I am 4'11" and hubby is 5'2" so short is the norm in my family.

Julie H said...

I hope everything is ok with Jackson!

We just had a party last Friday too and I made Melissa go ask all the kids by Thursday if they were coming or not. I needed to know for driving purposes. I'm getting kind of bitchy about that now ;)