Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another concert in the books.

Well last night was the My Chemical Romance concert in Minneapolis and it was really good. Like... so good I still feel hung over even though I don't drink. It seriously kicked my ass and I'm feeling my age today.. let's put it that way.

But you want a review and pictures don't you lambwhores?? Well ok. I suppose.

So here is my sis in law Kate and me before everything started. With my old camera I could work it like no other, but this new one?? Yeah. It's all tricky and has fancy do hickeys and it took me 7 tries to figure out to turn the fucking flash on so it would work in say... a dark nightclub. *Genius*
 And then we had an extra ticket we couldn't get rid of. I seriously called every person I knew that might be able to go locally, then I plastered it on my Facebook for two days. Thankfully, a friend from high school *just happened* to see it on FB and said she would gladly take a free concert ticket. (For all of you who decided maybe you didn't want to go... you missed out. And Renee got to have the fun time you could have had).
OK. So the first band to play were the Architects. Now, I only know them in passing. I don't own anything from them and basically knew like two songs. They are a mix of rock-alternative-punk. Loud and fast, basically. They were ok.... but I don't know if I'd say I was a fan per say. Admittedly, all of their songs are about drugs or law enforcement (as they told the crowd) and it may have been the sound, but I couldn't understand a damn thing they sang.
 The second band was Neon Trees. Now, I wasn't impressed with their song "Animal" when it was on the radio. But then I got the cd and really loved the entire thing, even "Animal", which is weird. I have a better appreciation for the song once I heard the rest of the album. Anyways. They were EXCELLENT live and I really would like to see them do a full set.
 They even played my fav song of theirs "In the Next Room" which is SOOO good. I think I called my friend Matt and hopefully he heard it. :) But the lead singer is such a great performer. He was ALL over that stage and he worked hard for the money. The other thing I totally love is that he had a bit of a Tim Armstrong (singer of Rancid... a band every teenager should listen to at least once) thing going on. I have a thing for boys with mohawks and/or bald. Which coincidentally.. when my hubby shaved his head I wasn't impressed. So who knows. But punky boys... mmmm...

ANYWAYS. (*fanning myself*)

After Neon Trees came My Chemical Romance, who I've never seen live before so I was ubber excited. Kate has a bit of a crush on Gerard Way (the singer) and so she was super excited to see him, but more importantly.. this was her first REAL concert. Now, I was appalled that at age 25 she had never been to a real show outside of a college performance and as a die hard concert fan I couldn't let this continue. It's practically a social injustice. So I had to pop her concert cherry and that we did.

 And it was a great show. They basically played every favorite song of mine and then some. The crowd interaction was great, the crowd was amazing, and overall it was a fantastic concert. I pretty much lost my shit when they played "Mama" because omg... I love that song.
 We were probably some of the oldest people there, though. And to me it's weird because I don't feel old at all but yeah. When you are surrounded by teenagers with adult chaperone's.. you kind of stick out. But there was plenty of awesome people watching. First up there was a lady easily late 40's wearing a mini skirt that was um... pretty damn sheer for the bottom 1/3. *Please baby jeebus don't let that be me.* Then I noticed that a huge number of kids had the SAME My Chemical Romance shirt on. Seriously kids?? Did you all run to Hot Topic right after school and pick it up for the show? Did you? You badasses, you. And here's a hint- if you look like everybody else? You would be a conformist.
The other thing that should be noted was holy-fucking-god was it hot in there. I'm talking unbearable. Now, I like warm weather and I don't really sweat much. But yeah. I was fucking DRIPPING with sweat. Half way through Neon Trees I started feeling kind of woozy from the heat, and I had sweat dripping down my back. But the time we got to half way through MCR's set, my bra literally had a puddle in it, I had sweat dripping down my stomach into my pants, and the inside of my legs (clad in skinny jeans and knee high boots) were so wet I was worried it would look like I pissed myself.

Seriously- if it's that warm the beginning of April in there god fucking help me for the All Time Low show on April 21 and Death Cab for Cutie towards the end of May. Seriously. I might die. I'm also going to wear very little clothing to prevent heat stroke, self esteem be damned.

So yes. It was a great show, I'm glad that Kate got her first concert on, I'm glad Renee was able to grab the extra ticket and put it to good use, and I'm fucking tired. I barely made it home last night I was THAT tired. I am not a rock star. I don't know why I think I am but seriously. My days of driving 2.5 hours one way to a concert and back in the same night are numbered.

But Kate got some video, so if she gets it up on YouTube I'll let you guys get a little listen to it. :)

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AJ said...

Sounds like a blast. I am going to Rockfest here in Kansas City next month and can't wait. And I so get the feeling old with all the young crowed there. But I love the music and the energy of a love show and most go.

Aimee said...

Thats awsome! I havent been to a concert in FOREVER! I use to go all the time. Ive seen MCR twice and I loved them both times. They put on a fantastic show

I like Neon Trees but I have to do it in semi-secret because Kevin HATES them. LOL he hates "hipster" or indie music. Its pretty funny to see how pissed he gets at the music...

When I use to go to concerts a lot I would always layer. My typical concert outdfit is jeans or black capris. a tank top (typically black) and a cool shirt over it. The top shirt usually comes off by the time the headliners come on.

Vans Warped Tour has been the hottest and most unbearable concert Ive ever been to. I am tlaking 100 degree heat outsiode

Glad you had a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

aww... wish I could've made it! But I am not envious of the sweat situation! Awesome pics!

Oilfield Trash said...

I am glad you had a good time!!!!

Unknown said...

Woohoo that looked like a blast! And yes, concerts make you all pig-sweaty and gross for sure, the smell is always what's overwhelming to me.

I got your package btw, THANK YOU SO MUCH (in case you didn't see my TY on my blog post from last night. The box -was- half opened, so I hope that the processing company in STL didn't steal anything!) I am still all giddy about the stuff you sent and am working on a return package :D

Julie H said...

Looks like fun! Although I do admit my 16 year old went to see them at one time and I don't think I've ever listened to them.

Yes, I'm old.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am so happy to hear you had a great time lucky you I really wished I could have been there as I do really like them.

It would have been funny when you got so wet that it looked like you pissed

Wait until your older when the risk of wetting yourself everytime you sneeze or cough becomes real.

Ang said...

Sounds like a great show! I don't know how you do it all in one night, or ever have been able to, for that matter.
First Ave. does get hot - it's fucking balls to the walls packed full of people and like zero ventilation. Next time, wear a lot less - cause they absolutely do not rock AC any time of the year!

Organic Meatbag said...

All of this talking of sweat dripping down various body parts makes ME sweaty! hahahaa