Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vampires, Birds or Mosquitos? Hard to tell.

So tonight is all about Tahquamenon Falls and how we almost died of blood loss. 'Tis true friends.

On Friday evening we ended up driving to the lower Tahquamenon Falls because there is some driving distance between lower/upper and yeah. It just made sense. It was kind of drizzling but not bad and I told the group that if it was raining, I was OK with running to get my picture and running back to the vehicle. I wasn't about to make people get pneumonia and shit.

So while the rain wasn't an issue the mother effer mosquitoes were. Seriously. They were after us. Mostly Jon though. But they were sucking us dry, they were big enough that you could see the stripes on their ass and they made whizzing noises by your ear.  Seriously. They were out of control.

 Lower Falls... pretty, huh? You'll notice Matt and I here are hoods up. We snapped and we hustled. Those mosquitoes were no joke folks.
 On Saturday we woke up to pouring rain and even colder temperatures. BUT we braved it. This time we all remembered to bring our bug spray. And we all suckered up and bought ponchos which looked exactly like white Hefty bags, yall. So here's the upper falls:
 Matt and I modeling the Spring 2011 Hefty collection. I sprayed us down, then the freaking bags down with bug spray. I also inhaled/ate some bug spray. I don't suggest it... it tastes terrible.
 Some super nice hard core hiker guys (who didn't have ponchos on) took out group picture. You'll notice that Jennifer and I had our hands into our sweatshirts.
 It was also fun because there was a sign that said "94 Steps to Brink". Um, no joke yo. Again, it was only 94 steps one way and by the time I got back to the top I felt like I did enough stairs for awhile. But it was worth it.
These falls are absolutely beautiful. I have such a love of waterfalls. Some day I'd like to swim under one. That seams like that would be kind of awesome, right?
So I've crossed yet another thing off my 30/30 list. Woo! I am really glad that I drove the distance to see these because they were beautiful. Plus I would really like to take up hiking with legit gear and stuff. It would have been fun to go into the woods but yeah. We weren't prepared for the bug overload.

Tomorrow is Dear Sara-- send your questions to: sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com bitches! :)


Oilfield Trash said...

That is cool pretty cool.

I have always wanted to see a falls.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous falls. The only waterfall I have ever seen is Shoshone Falls in Idaho and it was a drought year. Still cool but not the same.

Catherine said...

I love the waterfall pics! I would love to swim through a waterfall too. And find a cave. Preferably with treaure but this is optional.

Anonymous said...

Yay for crossing off things on your list! And I totally laughed at the Hefty Spring 2011 line. LOL. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Bummer you had to endure all the skeeters. The reason I continue to smoke is because I like to think it keeps them away from me in the summer. It's not true. There is no avoiding those damn things.

SpiritPhoenix said...

The mosquitoes here are liable to carry you off to feed their young. But alas, that's what 30+ days of rain in a row will do. Stupid month of May. Ugh.

I'd love to see some frozen waterfalls someday. (Climbing them like in the link below, no thank you.)

LisaMM said...

When I lived in Michigan growing up, the joke was that the mosquito was the state bird. That's the one thing I truly do not miss about my beautiful home state.

Ixy said...

You'd think the cold would slow them down. The first warm night this year I sat out on my deck with my husband, and the damn mosquitos bit me in SIX different places on my ass! Nice. I was wiggling in my office chair for the next week.

Dana said...

The falls look lovely! I love waterfalls too and any kind of nature like this. Love the 2011 Hefty Collection comment!

Julie H said...

Love the hefty bags haha. Mosquitoes suck :( We have them where I live and we all end up running in once it starts to get dark.