Thursday, August 4, 2011

Las Vegas.... Last Day

Our last day in Vegas was last Thursday and already the trip seems like it was forever ago. Our flight actually left on Friday, but our airport shuttle picked us up at 5:05 a.m., so Friday doesn't really count. So let's talk about Thursday. It was a pretty chill day overall since we were kind of exhausted.

We started our day off by going over to Mandalay Bay which was next to our hotel and I had wanted to see it. Mostly because from our helicopter ride their beach/pool area was by far the best on the strip. It has a lazy river and freaking wave pool. Come on.
 This was the entrance. Seriously- I need to stay here next time.
 Inside of Mandalay Bay they have the Shark Reef Aquarium which I wanted to go to because I'm a sucker for aquariums and ocean/underwater stuff. But I have to say- Mandalay Bay not only looks awesome on the outside, but the inside is amazing. It's at the end of the strip so it's quiet, but there are still people roaming around. It has everything all of the other hotels do but it is just so much quieter and more relaxing. Anyways.

The aquarium was fun.
 I thought the jelly fish kind of looked like sperm.
 Probably my favorite picture of us.

After Mandalay Bay we took the Monorail over to MGM because I wanted to go to the M&M store. On the way we met Michael Jackson. And his twin. Neither are dead but both smell of b.o. badly.
 After walking around and making our stop at the M&M store we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner and our free show (courtesy of timeshare people) which was the Criss Angel "Believe" show.
I freshened up. We decided we had an hour so I caught up on email, Matt watched some Billy the Exterminator and we were basically resting and hanging out. When all of a sudden....

(did you really think I'd get through an entire vacation without incident? Silly bitches.)

.... the door to our hotel room opens letting in two people with luggage who apparently have just checked into our room. Obviously, they were stunned the room was not empty and they just stood there. So Matt went over and explained to them that hey- this is our room but *shocker* they speak very little English. So Matt tries his door key, it no longer works. We call down to the desk who are completely confused and have no idea what to do. First they asked if we'd like to switch rooms which we said no to. Not only because it's completely a pain to pick up everything after we've been there for a week, but regardless, the room is dirty and those people paid for a clean room. So the desk figures out someone checked us out on WEDNESDAY (keep in mind, this is Thursday) but nobody knows how our keys still worked. <--Let that be something to think about when you check into a hotel. So they check us back in, get us new keys and those poor people had to wait an hour before a room was cleaned for them. Also keep in mind, it's about 5pm at this point.

So once it was obvious everything was figured out we went to dinner and the show. And I've got to be honest. Criss Angel's show was AWFUL. It was probably the worst thing I've ever seen? I've seen birthday party magicians, community plays with 5 year olds and nursing home sing a longs be more entertaining than the hour and half show we sat through. First off, our seats were in the way back and I didn't mind. But when you can see the stage people unhooking him from cables? That kind of sucks. If I can see it from row PP than by god I have to feel sorry for the people in the way front. Or the people who paid money for this show. It was really bad. It was basically 90 minutes of him talking, way too loud of music, and him pacing back and forth. Not to mention this is pegged as a family show- but he's not only swearing left and right, but there are obvious sexual innuendos and he made a rather lewd joke about his assistant sticking things up his ass. So basically- don't waste your time or money. He did *maybe* five or six tricks or illusions and they were all really bad. I mean, REALLY bad.

I also have to tell you about our hotel. I will start off by saying it was not the worst hotel I've ever been in but it certainly won't be a place I stay again. Our room was pretty clean for a hotel room but the first two days housekeeping never came. I'm pretty sure they only came Wednesday because they thought we checked out. Our towels stunk. And I mean they STUNK. When I called the desk to complain they told us it's because they recycle water. Which I knew Vegas did because every bathroom has a "we recycle water" sign so that's kind of gross when you think about your towel being washed with watered down urine. Anyways. And the hallways?
This lettuce and tomato plate was there when we got there on Monday afternoon and it was there when we left Friday morning. Not to mention room service carts full of left over food sitting in hallways for at least two days. I mean, it was pretty damn gross and you can just imagine what the smell walking down the hallway was like. And two of the elevators would just stop working while you were in them. I don't think we encountered anybody in the elevator who had not been stuck in it at least once. We only got stuck once and it was only for about 5 minutes, but still. Not fun.
So Friday we left to go home. It was a long week and we packed a lot into our week so I was ready to go home. I'm notorious for being red flagged at airlines so we make sure we are there at least two hours before because I hold everyone up. It's truly awful and I don't know what it is about me that screams "terrorist". But I thought I was doing well because I had no problems getting to Vegas and made it through the first area in Vegas with no problem. But when it came time to go through the scanners?

Yeah, they basically thought I had a fake I.D. The guy (who easily was in his 70's and had Coke bottle thick glasses) is looking at my I.D, at me, trying to scrape the I.D. to see if something comes off, he calls over a few other people, etc. This goes on for a good 15 minutes before he says, "Your hair is longer here." To which I reply, "Well, it's in a pony tail today, do you want me to take it out?" He says yes so I do. Voila- long hair again. Then he says, "You look too young to be 29" and I'm like, "Seriously- I can't help it I'm aging well." Meanwhile, Matt's laughing because he's waiting for me on the other side. They finally let me through but I went through the scanner and got a pat down. Oh well. That's the least invasive thing I've had so I was fine.

And then we came home. The flight was boring and long, and when I came home I totally took a nap. And proceeded to sleep ungodly amounts all weekend. It was glorious. :)

Domestic Bitch Saturday will be here tomorrow... watch out.


Julie H said...

Yeah we stayed at the Luxor the first time we went and we weren't that impressed with it either. The elevators took FOREVER. I'd be seriously freaked out about them letting someone else have your room.

Julie H said...

oh and we've stayed at the Excalibur (I woke up choking on the smoke it was so bad) and Bally's which seemed pretty nice :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the MGM Grand. It was really nice and I was impressed with the rooms/service/price. But dude, at least you were in your room when they walked in. They could've completely robbed you had you not been there. :-/

I'm not at all tempted to ever watch a magic show. Even when I was younger and they had those damn David Copperfield specials on. Idk. Just seems lame, but to seriously see cables? Wtf. And I'm sorry- but what part of Vegas is family friendly? I would never take a kid there. Hell no.

Well I'm glad you made it back in one piece :)

Ruth said...

I would love it if I got told my ID didn't look like me.
Not because I want to be stopped at the airport, but my ID pic is so horrible that it's beyond words and I hope I am not in denial and don't really look like that.

Jen said...

I'm pretty sure the airport guy was confused because you've lost so much weight and looked amazing this trip! Your face has changed shape, you look really healthy and totally cute with the hair accessories.
So glad you could enjoy it despite the little disasters!

Anonymous said...

a week in vegas is tough that's why i only do weekends because 4 days is long enough and by 4th day, you're ready to go home.

i've never stayed anywhere except treasure island; i went there about 3wks ago with some girlfriends and stayed at TI again; they were having a 50% off sale and i only paid about $130 for the entire 4days! it's not the fanciest hotel on the strip (certainly not like venetian or bellagio) but they recently renovated, the staff is amazing and the hotel is always clean and nice.

the only show we watched was the jabbawokeez and that show was amazing. magic shows or circe de soleil aren't my thing.

asj said...

whaat, that's ridiculous about the lettuce/tomato in the hallway all week AND that they checked someone else into your room [?!?!] and I can't believe they thought your ID was fake. all of that aside, it looks like you had a blast from all the posts and now I'm even more jealous that I've never been!!

Anonymous said...

Bummer the Luxor sucked. And I wish I could've warned you about the Criss Angel show...I think the poor tricks are part of his act? Maybe I'm just giving the washed up loser the benefit of the doubt.
Next time you go, try Peepshow at Planet Hollywood. Much better than Criss Angel.

Nicki said...

I feel like there's a hidden compliment in that ID sitch.

And that hotel lettuce plate story gave me the heebie-jeebies. DISGUSTING.

Dana said...

I've been in that hotel before but never stayed there. Yuck! Thanks for the tip.