Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Though I could barely move, I was still Mother of the Year.

On Facebook the other day I mentioned that I didn't know if I could justify taking my kids to see A Day Out With Thomas the Train when the tickets for the four of us would come to $87. For a twenty minute train ride.

But then we were at the park on Saturday (after my hellish 5K) and Jackson overheard another kid saying HE got to go. And it was AWESOME. Of course, Jackson comes running up to tell me Thomas is in town, Thomas is in town! So obviously, I was immediately faced with that moment where you save the money for say, your vehicle registration which is due by the end of the month and be a terrible mom, OR you blow the money because in a moment of weakness you let your three year old sons enthusiasm and cuteness sway you.

Yes, I bought the tickets for the first ride on Sunday morning. Because someday I hope to hold this over his head when he's 16 and is mad I won't let him take the car. I'll be able to say, "But son, you remember that time I played chicken with the law and let you see Thomas? That's right. Back off punk."

Despite the fact that when I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning my hips felt like they had come out of their sockets and pretty much everything on my body hurt 1000% worse than they did on Saturday, I got the kids ready to head over to the Depot in Duluth for the Thomas the Train day.

We got there and it was advertised as lots of family stuff to do, not just the train. So while we waited for Thomas the kids played in blue sand, watched some lady make huge bubbles and Olivia went down the inflatable slide. All in all, we made it through all of that in 20 minutes.
 And the kids each got a tattoo. Olivia wanted it on her face and Jackson wanted one on his arm.
 Finally we got in line and when I told Jackson to look down the track, he say Thomas and was pretty damn excited.
This was Jackson's first train ride but Olivia had been on it before, so she really didn't care about it. Jackson on the other hand:
 ... thought Thomas's steam and the "peep peep" whistle was pretty awesome. And he got excited once he realized the train was actually moving.

After the twenty minute train ride we went inside of the Depot and we went to the story time, played with the little kid sized train sets (which wasn't as awesome because Jackson has a train set at home), and we met Sir Toppem Hat.
 Jackson was kind of thrilled to meet him. And hugged his leg. But it happened so fast I didn't get a picture of it.
Overall, we spent three hours walking around and I was pretty much unable to do anything when we did get home. I don't know if it was really worth $18/person plus fees, but Jackson is still talking about it. So maybe I did alright after all.

And... the winner of the Rules of the Tunnel giveaway is: #6.

Which is STEFF!! Woo!! I'll send you an email to get your information!


Ruth said...

I have lost track of the number of times I spent money I really shouldn't so Kiddo or the family could enjoy something.
It sucks having to try and come up with the money later. But, I never can say I regretted doing it.
I hate vehicle registration time.

Priyanka said...

way to go 21st century mom! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Little Leo would love to see Thomas he loves Thomas nearly as much as he loves dinosaurs......lol

My other grandson Blain always refered to Sir Toppem Hat as Poppy I do not know why he called him poppy be he did and he still often calls him poppy.........

Ang said...

oh to be young and get excited over a blue train... those were the days!

Julie H said...

Last night I had to pay bills and I was doing the juggling that we do. I'm glad your kids had fun :)

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm sure the kids really enjoyed the train :) Sometimes you do just need to do something for them and somehow the bills and everything will work out in the end!

Unknown said...

you're mom of the decade! b/c in decade they'll be teens and will just pains in your butt just for no reason whatsoever!