Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hole. Part 2154678

Honestly, I don't remember how many hole updates you've had, but there has been progress. I can't even tell you how terrible fixing dry wall is but I can tell you that I hate it and I have lots of respect who do this as a chosen profession. I totally know why they charge so much for this shit because it horrid, horrid work.

For about two weeks my living room looked like this:

 It was a hot mess. Then once we were pretty sure we couldn't do any better of a job, we went to Home Depot to purchase paint. Guess what's really expensive? Paint and it's fucking supplies, that's what. We dropped $100 on three gallons of paint, one roller, some roller thingies, and something else I can't remember. We apparently have a large room which means you need this much paint.

So over the course of a week Matt and I painted our living room. I finally decided on a green (which may or may not have been blindly pointing at one of the two samples I had picked out. I'm sure the paint mixer guy sees lots of people like me) and a cream color for the walls, so I was already feeling badass.

Fun fact: Guess what I am not good at? Cutting in. I am not a cutter in any sense of that word. I don't have a steady hand apparently and I have zero depth perception. But guess what I'm a rock star at? Painting flat surfaces! I did a really good job. Obviously.

So here is where we are at now:
 The room already looks a million times brighter. So we have two walls green, two full walls and that little half wall cream. All of the trim is going to stay white because I couldn't commit to a third color and there we go.
The hole is painted on the inside, but there is not trim around the doorway. We are definitely going to make it a storage area for dvd's, scrapbooks, extra blankets, etc so it will be a functioning space. I thought about making it a play area but we let the kids in there and *surprise* it amplifies sound. Guess what we don't need in this house?

Amplified sound.

So that is a no kid zone because we are terrible, terrible parents.

Right now I have no pictures on the wall and I feel almost scared to go any further in the decorating process. I am finding I have a terrible time making a decision on anything and Amy can attest to that after my big IKEA weekend of stupid purchases. I totally choked under pressure. But I have a nagging idea to put yellow curtains in my living room. Would adding yellow be too much color? I'm talking about a light, almost sunshine yellow.


The other big news? We ordered carpet. But that? Is a whole other story.


Unknown said...

You could do a wall of frames. Go to dollar tree and the thrift store. get some generic frames and some interesting ones. Some spray paint in some poppy colors and just put them up chaotically. here is a link of something I plan on doing.

love the color, great choice and I think the curtains would be a great idea. I would do a textured fabric or something with a light, almost monochromatic print.

Julie H said...

Yeah I don't understand how some people paint like several times a year. First off that's a lot of paint on the wall and that stuff is expensive!

Life Love & High Heels said...

I still like the shelves I picked for you on amazon. For curtains... I don't think I would do yellow. What about a white sheer curtain or these--


and here's the link to those shelves

I'm glad you didn't get shelves at Ikea. Like I said- they were all hideous. And next time we'll be better prepared for there :)

Jennifer Kay said...

Um your room looks straight of Pinterest, for reals. LOVE the color though I would have never picked it myself...if I would have had the balls to pick it though, I would have totally LOVED it.

I painted three weeks ago and still have bare walls because I'm too afraid of screwing them up. Curtains are not up either.

AWESOME job dude.

Ryan Adair said...

I have yellow curtains from ikea that I think would look great with the color of you walls.. I can't remember what style they are, but they are linen.... I've used them with a ton of different colors, and they have such a warm light when the sun come through.... So yes to yellow curtains!

Steff said...

It looks SO good! I absolutely love the colors!!! Now I wish I painted my living room wall that instead of the color I have now.

Josie said...

My husband does drywall. One day I was feeling bored, and apparently stupid, because I went to work with him, he taught me to do it, and I worked my ass off. And then, I couldn't move for a week. I don't know why he likes it so much.

And I think that your green and cream look fantastic, BTW. And sunshine yellow would be awesome.

Jen said...

LOVE that green!! Absolutely love it. Not sure about yellow curtains- cushions and vases you can change if you get sick of the colour, curtains are pretty much a big commitment.

Also, apparently last comment I made I was signed in as Chelsea, my daughter. So have another {HUG} from me-

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I want to paint my living room that EXACT green color! It looks fabulous. We painted our dining room last fall and it was crazy expensive because we had NO painting supplies. Hopefully it won't be so bad this time around with the living room.

Unknown said...

It looks AWESOME! I love it. I couldn't BELIEVE how expensive paint was when we decided to paint our old please. It was insanely spendy. I have a friend who makes wall decals if you're interested. I could probably get you a discount. They make really nice stuff that doesn't involve putting HOLES IN YOUR WALLS!