Saturday, October 20, 2012

Comanche Moon

I believe.. I may have swung over to the dark side of historical romance. You remember I reviewed one from the other day and now I have this one. And I'll just tell you right now I'm downloading more because I am out of control.

Comanche Moon - Virginia Brown
Comanche Moon
The Comanches did her a favor when they killed her loutish husband on her wedding night. But now this Southern belle is the possession of a fierce, blue-eyed warrior called Hawk . . . Zach Banning, known as Hawk among the Comanches, is caught between two races, two cultures, two lives. Deborah Hamilton is a Mississippi beauty who came to the Texas territory for an arranged marriage. Little did she know, her new husband's people have earned the Comanches' hatred. They enact their vengeance on her wedding night, kidnapping Deborah along with other women and also the settlement's children. She expects the worst at the Comanches' village, but instead finds kindness alongside the challenges. But when Hawk barters her away from her owner, intending to seduce and possess her, Deborah finds herself in a battle of wills laced with deep desire. 

Loved the book. I did. I will say though that in the beginning I was not sure that I would like it and that I could get into it, but once I did... I was hooked. Matt is starting to believe I have an unhealthy obsession with  romance novels because my Nook needed to be charged and I couldn't find the cord and it was a tense 3 minute search for it and I believe Matt feared for his life. 

But let's get back to the book. 

First up, Deborah is kind of a moron who is clearly unable to read social cues. Like, when a guy stares are your boobs? There is probably a fare chance that he likes you. That isn't typically the moment to fear for you life- you should be looking for a comfortable spot to lay down in. *ahem*

What really intrigued me about this book is that clearly it's historical and you have the taboo relationship between a white woman and a Native American and back then this is clearly unheard of. And while initially Deborah is scared (obviously) after she is kidnapped by the Comanches, alongside her cousin Judith and many others, she eventually begins to care for Hawk/Zach as well as his younger sister, Sunflower. I absolutely loved how the story is about Deborah/Hawk and then when she goes back to where she came from, it becomes Deborah/Zach and all of this crazy, dangerous, drama and I loved it. I loved every single second of it. I thought the characters were great and what you'd expect if this was true to life- you can clearly picture these characters in your head, the setting, everything happening, etc without it all being too much. You know how I hate when authors go into such detail that 17 pages later, you want to kill yourself and throw the book because really? You don't care how many leaves are on the tree, you don't even care how many trees are there, just say you're in a forest- we get it. 

End rant. 

But Virginia Brown is not an annoying writer- she is to the point with enough detail that you can fill in the gaps on your own. I will say that I wanted to punch Judith myself and if I were Deborah I would have done so. And there's a part in the story that I was so angry with Judith and her stupidity that I wish Deborah would have just stopped caring all together for her because clearly it isn't reciprocated. But I can't tell you any more about that because it would ruin the last third of the book. 

Trust me. 

So I really enjoyed this book and I am already looking forward to more books by Virginia Brown. I also got this book through NetGalley so I have to thank them for being great too. 

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