Monday, October 15, 2012

TA DA! Awesomeness and a contest for YOU.

Today is probably the most fun day ever, mostly because I got to pick up my very brand new car. Like, super new. Like, I am it's first owner and it's GLORIOUS.

But can I just say that I have only one sad let down and it's all because Matt was once again wrong and doesn't know everything he thinks he does. Why? Because when he told me I'd have the fancy ambient lighting? He was wrong. I have no ambient lighting.

It was probably good that he wasn't with me when I discovered that little tidbit AFTER the paperwork and financing went through.

Anyways. Let's talk about the vehicle. It's a 2013 Ford Escape SE. It rides amazing and when you are doing 75 mph in a 25 mph zone? You don't even notice it until other drivers give you the "way to be unsafe in a residential, asshole" face.

 But it's got this snazzy "infortainment" screen and it has Sync. Which, once I got it set up it's kind of creepy. To have bluetooth without having a headset (which I would never use because those people look like assholes who want to look important), is kind of like that show Knight Rider. Remember that? Where David Hasselhoff was talking to the car named Kit? That's basically what it feels like. Except the first time it rang, I will admit to panicking and hanging up on the person because I didn't know what to do.
 I also can get Sirius radio (which, LOVE) and it tells me the song/artist. Which, most of you have in your vehicles but I have not and this is exciting so just shut up and ooh with me.
 But here's what it looks like. It's much shinier now because they washed/waxed it for me this morning. These pictures were taken on Saturday.

 Oh and I have to figure out how to work this screen. Because I don't know what it did but while driving, it started scanning the vehicle and then loudly proclaimed that nothing was wrong. So yeah. Weird.
But here's where you come in: this bitch needs a name. Clearly, it's a girl vehicle. I mean, obviously. But it needs a name so I can talk about it like it's a real person and not a vehicle. So if you want to win a box full of random crazy from me, you need to leave a comment (with your email address, obviously) with a name suggestion. Matt and I will decide which one is the best and I'll send you a box full of random, completely crazy, and pretty awesome stuff. I'll keep this open all week and next Monday we'll decide who the winner is.

But until then, I'll be driving around. Did I mention that it has a really great audio system? And like, volume on 11 is like volume on 30 in most cars? I might be deaf by the end of the week! I do have to get used to having blind spots again and having to use mirrors versus actually turning my head and that's very strange. But, it's not nearly as long as my van so I can back up and not worry about taking out 3 cars in the process. Oh AND it tells me how many miles until my gas runs out. Which isn't a big deal if you drive in town all of the time, but I do a LOT of road trips so this is kind of great.

OK. Enough bragging. Give me your name ideas.


Zoƫ said...

That's so exciting! This is such a fancy car, Mathew (my boyfriend) bought his new only a couple years ago and it definitely didn't have all this fancy stuff (it's not the same make or brand or anything, but I just think that shows how much extra fancy stuff cars are getting).

ANYWAY, a name. My vote is uh, Azura! :) Because Cobalta doesn't sound as pretty.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nice car, it is always great when we get a new car even if it's not new new just new for us.......

Mrs. Bin said...

Veruca. Like Veruca Salt. But my hubby says Escah-pay.

Anonymous said...

Wow. So many names....

I could go cutsie vulgar and say something about boobs like Tits Magee or Hootie McBoob just to appease a dude.

Or I could go obvious and say something like Bluella DeVille or Lady Sapphire because they incorporate the obvious color.

Or I could go with traditional and say something like Emma, Stella or Carmen because I like those names.

But I will go with Blue Iris.

Only because that is a combo of all three. It is kinda vulgar because Blue Iris was a geriatric porn star that was often featured on the Howard Stern show, but also obvious because it has "blue" in it and traditional because of "iris".

But if you use ANY of those names, I get the credit yo.

PS: can you tell I put a lot of thought into this?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you congrats!! It really is an awesome vehicle.

kimberrleigh said...

NEW CAR NEW CAR!!! Damn I'm so excited for you! Hmmm... name. I'm terrible at this. I'll get back to you :P

Susan said...

Sassy, Charleigh or Stella;

____j said...

I love it! So cute! And all of those features are so exciting. I have xm & the bluetooth thing in my car & I love them both!

middle child said...

Even before I finished reading the sentence I thought,"Cami."
Don't ask me. These things just happen to me.
I am truly happy for you. Just figure out what's what while you are in your driveway and not on the road. I'd hate for you to unintentionally become one of those drivers I have to give the finger to.

Tina said...

Blue Belle...Bella for short

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

YAYYYYYY! I say we name him Gideon. And call him "The Gids".

Or Edward. For obvious reasons.

SpiritPhoenix said...

St. Cerulean

Ultramarine Queen

Blue Baquampta

Lapis of Luxury

I went with a blue theme. Hope I'm in the running.

E said...

First conga-rats on the new car! I think it is hard to name a car without sitting in it and getting a vibe from it, but having said that...I like Miriam

justme5686 said...

Marla because she's a blue hair beauty!

melissa said...

Car naming is serious business! After thoroughly reviewing all of the bells and whistles with your new baby and checking out the pictures, I have come to the conclusion that the most appropriate name would be Eunice.

Good luck with her - she is beautiful!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Ooh I really like your new car. I'm not very good at coming up with names for pretty much ANYTHING, so let's see...


lauren51990 at aol dot com

p.s. your swap box totally got sent BACK to me yesterday, so once again, it's on it's way. Gah. I really hope you like everything since it's taking for freaking ever. My post should be up today or tomorrow though!

FinnyKnits said...

Congrats!! I love those new Escapes! Africankelli came to visit me a few weeks ago and this is the rental car she had - it rocks! I was really impressed.

Agreed that satellite radio in the car is a must. It was crucial when I bought the Outback.

I'm with Mrs. Bin on the name: Veruca. I was tempted to say 'Violet' because "Violet! You're turning Violet, Violet!" when she turns into a giant blueberry, but that seems too predictable for a blue car.

Veruca. Definitely Veruca.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Nice looking car! Congrats on the infotainment option!

We'll be looking at 2013 cars as well, but in 2016. DH thinks 3 year old used cars with less than 35,000 miles on them are the perfect age for some reason & there is no reasoning with him about it.

Shirley said...

The Frothy Walrus.