Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goodbye weird teeth holder in bone, and winner.

Before I get into the post, let's draw the winner for the Real Happy Family book! WOOT. Actually, I made the kids pick a number, one through six, and they both picked one. Which happens to be...


I'll send you an email Shana, so watch for that this morning.

So I think we are all familiar with my dental woes as of late, yes? (If not, here is the most recent post on it.) Well to recap you on things since then, here is what has happened.

  • Went to the dentist for regular cleaning. My teeth are cavity free (yay!) but he takes an xray of my mouth because I mentioned the pain in my sinus area again and gee whiz, that last molar with metal rods isn't feeling happy. Scan shows that the tooth? Is cracking from the inside out thanks to the metal rods. Because we know some metal can expand/contract with cold and heat. Well when temperatures are as cold as they have been, it's not impossible for that to effect my tooth. End of story? Tooth needs to come out. Also concerned about my sinus because you can see something not right in there. 
  • I decide fuck this, I'm going to an ENT. If there is something wrong with my sinus this time, I'm going to a medical person in the hopes my health insurance would cover it. I feel a left of satisfaction that I have gotten around the universe who is out for me and feel confident I will not have to start hooking. 
  • So I go to the ENT who tells me straight away this is a dental issue as he can't feel a cyst. He'll send me for a CT scan anyways and my insurance would (hopefully) cover it and the oral surgeon would likely need it as well and that'll save me something. I feel defeated that the universe has somehow outwitted me and I walk dejectedly back to my car in a really bizarre parking garage, only after getting stuck in the elevator. It was like a slap to the face from the universe as punishment for trying to outwit it. 
  • In the mean time, I take Olivia to the orthodontist for her evaluation as far as braces. Thankfully, we wait until September to see how things move more but the guy is confident she'll need two phases of braces and some pulled. I ask briefly about finances and crack a joke about how it surely can't be more than a brand new SUV and the look on his face tells me a brand new SUV would in fact, be cheaper, but oh- they discuss financing later on. Awesome. 
  • Yesterday I hear back from ENT guy on my CT scan. Turns out, there isn't a cyst in there. YAY. Take THAT, universe. 
  • However, there is signs of bone erosion. You know, the bone that holds your damn teeth in. Yes, that is eroding, the last molar on my upper right side needs to come out immediately and oh yes, it looks like I have a bone infection. 
  • Which explains why I am on week 12 or some ridiculousness of not feeling well and bronchitis hanging on because apparently, my body is not a good multi-tasker and can only do one thing at a time. You fail me, body. You fail. 
  • Next step is to call the oral surgeon who is already familiar with my mouth and my ridiculous problems this morning. I cannot afford any of this, I do not have dental insurance at all, and I'm certain my health insurance won't cover this. I can't even get dental insurance through a private plan because it won't cover oral surgery anyways so that's out. (Because I won't lie, I thought of this 3 months ago before I even saw anyone about this hoping that I could outsmart the world. But no. They clearly knew I was coming.)
So that right there? Is the crap I am having to deal with and it is only March. Poor Matt is working 75 hours a week, I'm working all that I can, and our vacation fund? Gone. That's been gone since February. Now I am in a race to pay off as much random stuff as I can so that I don't feel stressed out. That means the next few paychecks? Gone. All gone and we're eating cereal. The new roof fund? Postponed. There shall be no new roof on Chateau Strand because we cannot afford it. Also cannot afford new windows in the porch which everyone has said, "Oh, you don't need those replaced" but they also don't have any idea how cold it is on the two walls in the living room because it is freezing. Those certainly DO need to be replaced.

Now I get to call this oral surgeon this morning and see if I can get in, preferably a Friday afternoon so I don't need to take time from work. I told Matt that if I can do this in two phases, I'm willing to get this tooth pulled at the sketchy dentist that was super dirty to save money.

Probably will need that tetanus shot after all. Dammit.

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