Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sins of the Fallen

Sins of the Fallen (Book 1)

When seventeen-year-old Maximillion Taylor and his best friend, Jones go to a house party, he doesn't expect to get kidnapped—much less by a succubus—and she's not the only one on the hunt. Thrown into a world of angels and demons, where nothing and no one is what they seem, Max ventures to find his true identity and learn to fight the demons who pursue him. When his origin is revealed, it's a race against the clock for a battle that will determine whether he can protect the ones he loves or succumb to his true nature. Through lies, betrayal, love and pain, Max must prepare to face the demons before it is too late…

A perfect YA novel. Seriously. We have some romance, we have the paranormal aspect, we have a bizarre mystery to basically piece together, and it's not a long book. Win everywhere. 

Basically t his is the story of poor Max. Mas gets kidnapped by a really pretty girl who isn't a girl at all, all while his friend Jones watches on. He gets rescued by the girl of his dreams and it becomes the start of a nightmare. Max finds out his dad isn't just a human, super beings are essentially out to get him, his friend also isn't who he was assumed to be, and somehow, Max has fire throwing powers he hand no idea about 24 hours earlier. 

I can't really tell you what happens because this is book one in a series and everything else is essentially a spoiler in some way. I will tell you that the beginning is a little odd, but it definitely picks up once Max gets kidnapped and rescued and starts his training. I'm excited to see where Karina goes with the rest of this series. I definitely recommend this if you like YA with a paranormal twist. And fallen angels, come on. Who doesn't love that??

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

That...would be a lot to take in in 24 hours. LOL Sounds fun though. I don't read YA often but every now and again it's fun to visit :)