Friday, April 15, 2016

To hell with bills and financial responsibility! We're going on a mini trip!

A sure sign that I have lost all rational thinking is the fact that I am basically snubbing my nose at financial planning and responsibility. A friend of mine asked me the other day why I worried so much about being debt free and being so hunkered down and not doing anything fun and my answer was that I can't afford it. I'm trying to plan for the someday bad thing that will inevitably happen.

Then I got to thinking- planning has done nothing for me. Something always comes up. I am always broke. Somehow, some way, I figure it out and we don't end up homeless. And knowing that we have medical bills out the ass coming, another baby coming, and just the stress of all of that- I decided to stop giving so many fucks.

I'm done.

(Which is hilarious because you know tomorrow I will have a panic attack when I realized I just booked a fully non-refundable trip and I would be out the $279.02.)

OK- honestly, it's under $300 and it isn't that much. Granted, we will be driving like five hours away or something, we'll have to purchase some food, and obviously a souvenir because it's practically a rule, and then we might do something fun on the way home to really poop them out for the drive. So realistically, this will end up being around a $600 trip unless I find some really good deals and gas prices stay low. But plan for the worst, hope for the best is my motto. HA!

So where are we going?

Well my kids have never, ever been to the Wisconsin Dells. It feels wrong to say that because we live in Wisconsin and it seems like all of their friends have gone. We haven't gone to an indoor water park EVER. Not even the one 20 minutes from our house. Mostly because we're poor and I couldn't justify the cost. But these kids have been so damn great with all of the changes we've had this year, are absolute troopers when they realized yet another baby is coming and that means even more changes, and they have helped me tremendously. They didn't even cry when I told them that the road trip to Florida we all thought we would be taking this summer wasn't going to happen and I don't know if it'll even happen next year. They were disappointed but they both told me it was OK and that it's probably best we feed Penelope.

I mean, bless their little hearts. Seriously. I don't know how I have managed to raise two super great kids so far, and that's terrible because I have two more and I really don't know how I did it.


So this is where we are going to spend two nights because mama cannot afford any more than that...

Great Wolf Lodge, Wisconsin Dells!!

We have driven past this a few times. The Dells is this mythical place everyone else gets to go to and the closest we ever came was eating at a restaurant that brings your food out on a train. We spent an OBSCENE amount of money for that experience but they still talk about it years later. But we drive by and look at all of the fun Dells stuff from the vehicle windows. I feel like I need to record their reaction when I tell them that not only do we get to GET OUT OF THE VAN, but we get to stay there!
This tornado water slide thing looks amazing. I'm only kind of bitter I likely won't be able to go on it being ridiculously pregnant. I also doubt either kid will dare to go but I hope Matt does and I can take a picture of his face as he comes out.
MagiQuest? I don't know what it is, but we're DOING IT!
Swimming and relaxing for two full days. Well, probably not me so much because I'll have Penelope but still.

We'll be doing the story time thing, the dance party thing, lunch time crafts, Great Clock Tower show, nature walk, all of it, folks. It might be the best thing my kids have gotten to do aside from Disney. Well no, our South Dakota trip was cheap and amazing too. But they are going to lose their minds when they find out about this. I can hardly wait! So I have basically a month to put some spending money aside. I also want to look for something to do in the Dells before we head home that isn't over the top expensive. I figure we'll check out early, go do fun thing, have lunch somewhere, and then head home so we're home around dinner time since Matt has to work the next day.

EEK!! I am SO excited for this. I don't know if I'll be able to keep a secret from them, they'll know something is up. HA!

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Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

My friend who lives in Madison has told me how much she loves the Dells! Also, we have a Great Wolf Lodge in Washington and I've never been but people love it! Your kids are going to freak! So exciting!!!