Friday, August 26, 2016

Inkspirations: Fruit of the Spirit review!

Honestly, could this book have come at a better time? I've read that coloring is supposed to ease stress and help you unwind, and if there was ever a time I could use that, it's been this month for sure!

Every Christian knows that putting the Fruit of the Spirit into practice takes a daily effort and commitment, and it takes a lifetime to master any one of them, let alone all nine. In this new coloring book for adults, Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit celebrates these powerful virtues that help to fortify us throughout life’s joys and challenges.
Each empowering verse alongside inspiring images reminds us of how acts of kindness, gentleness, or self-control can make a difference, not only in our own lives, but more importantly, in the lives of others. The more we focus and allow God to work in us, the more His spirit can shine through us.
Illustrator Lorrie Bennett is known for painting vintage Bibles. Dating back to the early 1900s, many of her Bibles have been discarded because they are so worn. Inspired by the thought that the Bibles provided spiritual guidance for generations of people, she decided to give them new life by using them as canvases for her unique artwork. This style is adapted to many of the coloring pages within Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit, so that the Word of God becomes a literal and figurative backdrop for your creations. Now you can color your day brighter, turning your art into meaningful and memorable keepsakes that show God’s Love and Grace.
Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit includes:
  •   More than 30 original works of art to uplift and inspire
  •   Empowering scriptures for individual or group reflection and meditation
  •   Special binding that allows for pages to lay flat for a better work surface
  •   Perforated edges make it easy to tear and share finished colored pieces
So while I am admittedly not a religious person by any means, I didn't value the religious versus and text as much as maybe the next person would, full disclosure. But the images in the book are fantastic, and there are varying degree of difficulty of images for you to color. The book itself is 72 pages and I did some of the easier images, mostly because my current ability to sit and do tasks isn't near as long as it normally would be. If you aren't familiar with my recent ordeal, you can go here to read up on it. To say I've struggled with memory loss is an understatement, and as bizarre as it is, being able to sit and color for a few minutes at a time has really helped me not get angry at my current situation. 

The other cool thing about this coloring book, which has been different from other books I've seen, is the front of the book features a lot of coloring information. Things such as tips & tools, how to choose your colors, different techniques to use as well as some palette ideas to get you started make this a bit unique compared to what you can pick up at your local discount store. And if you really have no idea where to start or feel like you have zero creativity, there are some examples of finished pages completed by people like you. My immediate thought is that this would be a really great gift item for your friend who is involved in church, or maybe a someone who volunteers a lot at church and you want to be that person to give them a little something of thanks for their hard work. It's the immediate person I think of when I think of giving this as a gift because it's beautiful, it's relaxing, and who couldn't use a little de-stressing in their life? 

Also very cool is that in the Inkspirations SHOP, you can find a bunch of products, but more specifically, cards! You can create a handmade card (hey- it's colored, it counts, folks!) and it comes with the envelopes as well. It's such a unique greeting to send, you know that would be something I'd buy someone as a gift. But in the shop you'll find lots of other coloring books by Inkspirations so if the religious option isn't for you, they have so many others that will appeal to you. The illustrations are wonderful and I think if you are in the market to try this trend out, this is the way you should go, easily. 

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I'm so happy to see that you're doing better! Take your time to relax and recover as much as you can. I'm glad this book was a help to you.

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