Thursday, August 18, 2016


SO much has happened and I'm sorry I haven't posted. To be fair, this month has kicked me so hard in the ass, so I have legitimate excuses. I'll give you a quick list of what has happened:

  • I had Lucy! She's born, she's beautiful, she came into the world in a very eventful way on August 1. 
  • I almost died. Twice while giving birth due to an amniotic fluid embolism. More on that later. 
  • I actually remember nothing because I was in a coma and I sustained a whole list of damage from the AFE and subsequent surgery to save my life essentially. 
  • I start my follow up appointments today- first up, neurology. I'm hoping I can get some answers and start feeling like a normal person. 
  • Until then, I can't be left alone, I can't drive, my activity is limited, and I basically feel like a prisoner but I understand why. There have been times where I have seriously wondered why I was even allowed to leave- I'm obviously in no condition to be on my own. Thankfully I have a ton of friends and family dropping off meals, helping with the big kids, basically making sure I don't live in filth here. It's really nice. 
So more soon. I didn't want to go too many days and have you wondering if I actually died. Almost, but I'm not quite ready. 


The Flynnigans said...

Always, always thinking of you girl. xoxox

thotlady said...

Congratulations and take care.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I hope your appointments go well! And I'm thankful for Facebook so I knew you didn't die. Though knowing what was going on before getting updates of good news was definitely scary! So glad you're okay (well, I know you've got a lot of shit to deal more like glad you're ALIVE!).

Jen Mc said...

Lucy is beautiful! I hope you continue to recover. Take all the help you can get and be patient (I know, I know!). Love and hugs to you!

Leesepea said...

Lucy is gorgeous! Her name is just perfect. You have to know I held my breath every time I opened Instagram to look for new posts in your feed and waited for updates on GoFundMe. I am so happy you're home and that you have a network of support helping you and your family.