Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Lucky 13

Well as of Sunday Lucy is officially 14 months old, so I figured maybe we should review what month 13 was like for her:

I'm not doing a very good job getting the little girls outside and I really need to do better. Lucy loves the swing and there was a day when my mom and I walked the girls over to the park and she swinged? Swang? Who knows, but she loves it. 
I'm also not doing a good job of doing Lucy and mom pictures so I'm trying to do better. 
Lucy is a fun little girl and she thoroughly enjoys putting food in her hair and sometimes it just doesn't come out and she looks like this. 
As it turns out, I take a lot of pictures of her eating because she's so stinking cute. Lunch time is her favorite time. I haven't found many things that she won't eat, knock on wood. 
She is a big fan of taking things out of containers and then putting them back. My house is almost always a mess. 
Lucy also LOVES this Vtech Princess Castle toy! It's one of her favorites and she has such a good time playing with it. She's definitely very girly with the toys she likes to play with. 
This month we also started going to a toddler class for her age group. I missed last week because I wasn't feeling well, but so far she enjoys it. I feel like sometimes her and I don't get a lot of one on one time, and I suppose that's what happens when you're the youngest maybe, but on these days I try to make it all about her. 
I am trying SO HARD to ween her from the bottle and it's just... it's not going well. She knows how to drink out of sippy cups, all kinds, but she very much doesn't like it. Still at bed times she cries for the comfort of a bottle and she's the baby.. she gets one. I know she's only going to be little once and if that's what makes her sleepy, then that's what we're going to do. 
My friends Gini and Eric were just so good to us this month. Lucy got this very cool shirt that says "Everybody Loves Lucy" and I love it so much because it's true! You really can't be around Lucy and not want to squeeze her guts and cover her with kisses. But they also got me this really wonderful bracelet with an even nicer note, which I have taped to the wall right above my computer so I see it every day. 
Poor Lucy is teething so hard right now, she's got molars coming in and she's just miserable, but tries really hard to be perky. 
A new favorite are the Look & See books with mirrors so she can look at herself. I have two of them here and she loves them. She flips through them so many times in a day and kisses herself. It's pretty adorable. 
Another food picture! Lucy is transitioning to one nap a day and that's tough, clearly. She falls asleep during lunch some times and doesn't even move when you clean her off and move the tray away, the girl is OUT. 
The last day of being 13 months, living her best life, eating ice cream. She doesn't get it often but she loves it. LIKE HER MAMA.

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The Flynnigans said...

She's such a cutie; all of your kids are gorgeous, Sara.
My fave pic in this post is the fourth from the bottom, the one of you and her. You look so pretty, girl. xoxxxo