Friday, June 1, 2018

Book Review: Locke

I have some fun posts and pictures of the kids to share but this week it's just been easier to do book reviews so I can catch up on them but also, I just haven't had time. I am working on end of the year teacher gift, some baby thank you's for someone, getting rid of books, and trying to clean my house up. Plus this past weekend we were in the yard almost all day every day so I feel like I'm living in an actual dump right now. Anyways, let's talk books. This is the last in the Corps Security series by Harper Sloan and I feel such a sense of accomplishment finishing a series you can't even believe it. I'm reading another by her that I got in a book box recently and then my Harper Sloan area on my bookshelf has all been read. I'm slowly but surely getting through my back list!

Locke - Harper Sloan
Darkness is the only thing I see. Ever since the day my life changed. The day that everything and everyone I held close to me ceased to exist. The day I lost it all and the demons of my past consumed my every waking moment. I tried to keep others at arm's length. Tried not to let my darkness taint them. Ruin them. Harm them. And whether I want to admit it or not, as much as I wish I could keep them locked out, they refuse to leave. Refuse to let me suffer alone. If I hadn't been so focused on keeping those demons from flying free, I wouldn't have missed how one perfect angel was able to sneak her way under my skin-refusing to let go. Making me want things I don't deserve. She consumes me. Her beauty knows no end. The love she promises tempts me every time she's near. But that pure heart that makes her MY Emmy is the one thing I'm convinced I'll destroy if I ever let her close. I'm a broken man. A broken man with too much darkness in his soul to ever let her light shine upon me. But even that doesn't stop me from craving her with every single breath in my body. **This is the final book in the Corps Security series. This book is not suitable for younger readers. There is strong language, adult situations, and some violence.
Out of all of the books I knew Locke's book would be really good because he was the most complex, screwed up guy of the bunch from Corps Security. He was a Marine hiding some real tragic secrets and when his Emmy takes off after watching Cooper die in front of her (literally), he's determined to bring her back. He's not sure he can be with her like he wants to because of his demons but once he gets Emmy she makes it damn clear that he needs to let her go or grow the hell up. 

We see Emmy's tragic past which isn't at all what I would have pegged for her so that was almost... disappointing? It felt easy and I wasn't in love with it.

I got frustrated with Locke because it was like he wasn't even trying to help himself and I hated how Emmy comes off as nice, innocent, naive in every other book and in this one she's a bitch and trash talking, and it's just a 180 from what we thought she was actually like. It almost feels like the author forgot the personality she gave Emmy from early on or something.

But Locke battles his demons, with Emmy by his side, and the best part? The best part of this book is that we get a glimpse into the future of Corps Security, which ties into another series she has which I'm starting. Part of me is thrilled we get more and another part of me is like, ugh... can we just let it go already? Start fresh? So we'll see how I feel about those when I'm done.

So for this one I'm going to give it a 3 star. It's not as great as I was hoping it would be but it wasn't awful, it had some decent sex scenes in it and Locke is the ultimate troubled guy we all want to save.

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