Thursday, June 14, 2018

Book Review: The Paris Wedding

I didn't expect this one to be as fast of a read as this was and was pleasantly surprised!

The Paris Wedding - Charlotte Nash

Ten years ago, Rachael West chose not to move to Sydney with high-school sweetheart Matthew. Instead she stayed on the family wheat farm, caring for her seriously ill mother and letting go of her dreams. Now, Matthew is marrying someone else. And Rachael is invited to the wedding, a lavish affair in Paris, courtesy of the flamboyant family of Matthew's fiancĂ©e - a once-in-a-lifetime celebration at someone else's expense in Europe's most romantic city.

She is utterly unprepared for what the week brings. Friendships will be upended, secrets will be revealed - and on the eve of the wedding, Rachael is faced with an impossible dilemma: should she give up on the promise of love, or destroy another woman's life for a chance at happiness?
Alright, so in this book we have Rachael, fresh from her mother's passing and at odds with her future. She isn't sure what she wants to do but she feels like the ten years she spent caring for her mother were the best years of her life just gone. She feels like she missed opportunities and she won't get them back. In the middle of her grief, because life loves to kick you when you're down, she receives a wedding invitation for an all expense paid trip to Paris to see the love of her life get married to a socialite. She's gutted and doesn't know what to do but is convinced in order to get over him she needs to see him get married, the door will shut, and she will be able to move on. She decides to take her best friend, who is hiding problems of her own, and off they go.

It turns out the groom isn't as excited to get married as he's portraying and when he sees Rachael again, the doubt creeps in.

I don't want to write any more than that because it'll give it away. This was SUCH a good book and I had no idea how this was going to end. Everything falls apart for poor Rachael and she's forced with the consequences of her bad decisions, her best friend is angry, and her future is up in the air. I really enjoyed this one, I enjoyed watching Rachael blossom into an entirely new person while in Paris and taking in all that Paris has to offer. There are so many things I want to squeal about but it will ruin everything for you but just know there is a love triangle, one guy turns out to be a giant douche, and the ending is sweet. I'm giving this one a solid 4.5 stars, it's not quite a 5 star but it's pretty darn close. Find it on the HarperCollins website HERE and do a little shopping while you're at it!


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