Friday, June 15, 2018

Book Subscription Boxes: May

I forgot to take a picture of my Bookworm Box but it was so lame you aren't missing anything. I can't even remember which two books I got, they have to be here somewhere that's for sure. 

Let's talk PageHabit, though. 
So this is what I got in my box. A cool pull light that I gave to Jackson, which already broke after two pulls, so that ended up being a bust. A very cool little dude bookmark I also gave to Jackson because I thought it kind of looked like him. A mini book which was meh, a nice bookmark, and a new book by Amanda Quick. I'm not a fan of Amanda Quick, not that I don't like her she just isn't an author I have to read. This one is a roaring 20's type book and that's maybe one of my least favorite genres, I really don't like historical stuff. I find them dull. 

This is my third month with a dud book selection (for me) so I have successfully cancelled that subscription. 

Instead, I'm strongly considering doing OwlCrate again or maybe trying out a new box. I'm kind of undecided. 

But let's talk about books I'm currently reading! I ordered a BUNCH of super old Linda Howard books so I'm going to be working my way through those. I forgot how short some of her older books were so I should be able to fly through them. I'm hoping to complete my Linda Howard library soon! I'm still trying to work through some series I haven't finished that I have on my bookshelf. I made the mistake of flipping books I haven't read on their side and it's glaringly obvious what a problem I have with buying books. It's.... it's pretty bad you guys. So I have to make it through these books before I buy more. I say that but... addiction wins, you know? I can't help it! 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sorry this box didn't really work for you. I do like Owl Crate. I subscribed for a few months. There's one called Uppercase too with YA books and if I ever subscribe to a book box in the future, I might try that one!


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