Thursday, March 28, 2019

Book Review: Power Up

I'll have a little medical update for you tomorrow (promise!), this week has been BUSY and I'm equal parts excited that this week is almost over and worried about next week because it's even busier. Oh, and Jackson turns 11 next week and have I started anything? Gotten a gift? NOPE.

So. I'm trying to get as many book reviews off of my desk so I don't feel overwhelmed with those. These books are all read and ready for me to type a review.... it's just finding time to actually do it. I don't know how I did this all pre-AFE because I am barely treading water here. Yikes.

Power Up - Seth Fishman

Did you know there is enough energy in your pinkie finger to power an entire city? And that everything you do--running, jumping, playing, and exploring--uses that same energy inside of you?

In the companion to A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, Seth Fishman and Isabel Greenberg explore the relationship between energy and the human body, breaking down complicated concepts into small, child-friendly segments.

I really enjoy reading and reviewing children's books because I have such a passion in making sure kids read, have access to books, and enjoy it. I really believe every kid can grow up to be a reader, it's a matter of finding the right kind of books for them. Not every kid will love classic literature and I think pushing all books onto a kid does them a disservice. When I saw this one come through my email I jumped onto it because for the first time in my mom life I have a kid who asks "Why?" enough times during the day I often say, "Because it just does!" or I claim I don't know. I saw this book and I immediately thought of my little Penelope who is going to be four soon so she's getting to the age where I can read a longer book with her and have a discussion and she really wants to know what's going on.
Lucy and Penelope both because they do everything together. 

I have to tell you- Penelope LOVED this book. The illustrations (done by Isabel Greenberg) are really quite interesting and will hold the attention of a kiddo easily. We did discover this really is not the book to read at bedtime because your child(ren) will keep you up asking endless questions, wanting to see pages again, asking what it says, etc. If you have a child who is obsessed with superheroes, this would be a great book for them because this explains how THEY are actually superheroes and talks about all of the cool and fantastic things their body already does.

If you have a child who loves random facts and tidbits of information? They are going to love this book. (Did you know a human once ran 310 miles in three days without stopping? Spoiler: It wasn't me.) After reading this book a few times it dawned on me that this would be a really great addition to a school library or even in a classroom. I can't remember what grade they talk about energy in elementary school but this would be a GREAT book to use at the start of that unit. If you're a teacher, consider this one for your next classroom purchase- your students, old and young, will enjoy this one.

I received an ARC from the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. Happy reading!

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