Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Birthday Wish List: age 37

Every year I do a wish list for Christmas but I like doing the birthday wish list the most because birthdays are a big deal. I have always liked my birthday and wanted to celebrate it but since having Lucy and dying on the table, it gives a new meaning. I don't know if you watch The View, sometimes I do, but Whoopi Goldberg often says we should all cherish and celebrate our birthdays because there are so many who can't. I have never understood the people who lie about their age, I've worked HARD to get to age 37 and dammit, I want presents.

Disclosure: I'm pretty sure this was my brother's first birthday but who cares- I'm completely adorable. Secondly, I see so much Penelope and Lucy here so obviously they will end up awesome. 

1. Laminator: One of my favorite things of all time are office supplies. Give me a catalog and I will go through it page by page and I will come up with a reason that I need all the things. But truly, I could really use a laminator. I've been trying to do activities with the little girls that this would come in handy but also, I've come across things and wish I could just laminate it.

2. Flat Iron: It's almost embarrassing to say that I need a flat iron. AGAIN. I'm not kidding you, my hair is SO thick and SO wavy/curly that most tools just can't handle it. Hell, I can't handle it yet here I am. But here I am... I need a new one. But I need one that's wide so it doesn't take three hours to do my hair. 

3. DNA Test: I so badly want to do one of these just to see if anything pops up that would be a clue into all of my bizarre health issues. 

4. Block Shot: I read the first book in this series and LOVED IT so I really want to read this one! 

 5. Back Seat Coolers (4): We are going on a road trip this summer and now that I have a slightly smaller vehicle (it doesn't have the floor area that my van did) I'm looking for storage solutions to carry snacks/drinks. How cool are these? I could have one per kid and it would be great! 

6. Birkenstock Sandals: I don't know what my size would be in these so I'd have to try them on and I'm not completely sure what color I want, some version of brown, but I'm all about shoes I don't have to tie or do anything to get them on. 

I'm going to treat myself and get a hair cut in mid-March and I'm pretty excited about it. I want to get highlights but I have to find out how much that will cost and set a little money aside. If you could pick a birthday gift right now, what would it be? 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Birthday!!!! A laminator would be great. There are definitely things I wish I could laminate. Also, those backseat coolers are genius.