Friday, March 29, 2019

I love to pee and sleep. Oh, and Lucy sees speech.

I think I mentioned last week that I would be seeing my Endocrinology and Pulmonary doctors this week and that they were the first in a series of follow up appointments. I'm starting to get really confused because I have appointments, Lucy has a bunch of appointments, and I have to schedule physicals for four kids and it is just a lot and I am grateful I have a planner otherwise I would be completely screwed. But here's what happened this week:

I went to Endocrinology and I really like this doctor. I have had him since I was still in the hospital after having Lucy so he's aware of all of my issues and how I ended up here. Let me just note that the doctors I have had since the very beginning are really the best because they have seen my progress and know the obstacles I keep facing. They are the ones that believe me when I say I think that all of my current issues are tied to my AFE. The doctors I've picked up along the way usually say, "Oh, OK. But lets talk about losing weight." and they discredit everything I say.

So I'll just put that out there.

This visit though was so bizarre. I had a lot of questions about my emergency room visit not too long ago and questions about weight loss. Unfortunately I got a lot of "I don't know" answers from him and basically, I left there with a bunch of questions still, no answers, and told to do what I feel like works. That honestly is not good enough for me because I really need to be given very concrete, black and white answers. My brain doesn't work with the vague stuff.

Also though- he was OBSESSED with how much I pee. He wants to know if I pee too much and honestly, I feel like I pee an OK amount. I'm not upset about it. If I have to leave the house for several hours, I curb my water and take half a pill of my medication. I take half a pill before bed. I try to always have ice cold water on me to curb cravings. He didn't like my answers so I also left there with two urine collection containers and a bowl to pee in so that's happening.

I had to get some labs done, of which I don't know how they came out because he hasn't looked at them yet, but then I walked across the street to Pulmonary.

Carrying my urine collection goodies and that was fun.
The Pulmonary doctor is really nice and I don't hate going there. The women who work at the check in desk are rude as all get out but the actual doctor is fantastic. He does talk to me like I have special needs or that I'm slow but it's kind of funny and it's fine. I breathe alright, my lungs sound super, I need to keep using my inhaler for exercise and use my CPAP every night and I can come back in a year. Easy peasy.

I also had a meeting with the Birth to 3 program in regards to getting Lucy some speech development help.
I really have put it off as long as I could and I have done everything I know how to do and tried a few things that have worked for other people and things I've see on child development websites and still- her speech isn't where it needs to be. The plan is to start her in a three year old preschool program (like Penelope is in this year) and though that doesn't start until September, other people can't understand her. For the most part, I can. But she needs help.

The Birth to 3 person is so nice and we basically spent out hour or so together filling out paperwork and Lucy napped. She has a formal evaluation with the speech development person and the child development person in two weeks and that will determine what she needs and how we're going to do it. The down side is that the cut off to get an IEP started is like 33 months, and she's like 32 months. And I don't mean cut off like she'll never get help but they have this deadline so that services are in place and organized for her before she starts school because once she turns three all development help gets transferred to our school district. So of course, cue the guilt that I didn't do this sooner, etc.

I know. I know you're like, "God Sara, relax. At least you're doing it now, it's not a big deal." Rationally? I know this. I'm not neurotic.

But I am anxiety headquarters and no amount of you saying that or me thinking it makes those thoughts and feelings go away.

It is what it is.

I also had therapy this week and that was tough. Every time I think it will be a pretty easy session and I'll keep working on things, something always comes up and I end up crying for an entire hour, then I cry in my car ride home. I cry that night. I'm a mess. But I know I need it so I keep going.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

You sure had a busy week of appointments! I'm glad you have medical professionals that care and listen to you. I hope the urine collection goes well, my mom has had to do that a couple of times recently for thyroid stuff and it's a bit of a pain.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Ugh, urine collection is so annoying. I'm glad your doctors are MOSTLY good though, and yeah, the newer ones sound like they really need to pay attention to your history more. Sheesh. Aw, I'm glad Lucy's doctor went well, and I get the anxiety, but I think she'll be okay!!! As for therapy, I'm almost always crying at some point. It can be so tiring, but I'm glad I'm finally seeing someone.


Anonymous said...

It's so nice to have doctors who have your full history and don't try to talk you out of whatever condition you're dealing with. I've had so many new doctors who want to re-diagnose me and it's annoying. Glad you have someone you can count on to be on your side!