Monday, June 3, 2019

Weight Loss Monday: Thump, Thump

You guys! I bet you thought I fell off the wagon, didn't you? Well you'd only be partially right. It's getting nice out here (some days) so I've kind of moved myself to walking outside. Honestly, I need the vitamin D and I like getting the hell out of my house because I love my family but they drive me C-R-A-Z-Y.

So instead of exercising in the house I've been walking. Most days I walk with Penelope and Lucy in the double stroller, which adds a decent amount of weight that I'm pushing, but then other days I have to get the hell out on my own so I wait until after dinner and go all alone. I listen to a podcast and go. So far, I've only been able to go for one mile but I think this might be my week to get up to two miles.
The really nice thing is that my rheumatoid arthritis seems to not be in a big flare like usual so I'm taking advantage of that and trying to push myself a little more. I'm still so exhausted though so I'm not sure what that's all about.

I am finding that I am sliding into a depressive funk again, and I don't know if that is the stress around me and not coping well or something biochemically in me flaring up like anything else would. Maybe both. I don't know. I do know it's frustrating and I'm really struggling with it.

But that's the plan this week, just keep walking. My diet is pretty on point though so at least I'm doing something consistently right.

Do you find you prefer to exercise outdoors? I'm wouldn't even consider myself an outdoorsy person but I am enjoying being able to be outside in my yard even if just for a few minutes every day.


Shann Eva said...

Yes! I definitely need to get some sunshine and vitamin D. I also enjoy walking by myself, and sometimes like to ride bikes with the kids. Walking isn't so fun because they are always fighting/arguing.

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I much prefer exercising outdoors! I come up with every excuse in the book to not exercise when it is crummy outside, but when it's nice out I tend to get outside much more often!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I'm not an outdoorsy person, but I'd rather walk outside than on a treadmill :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yeah, I'm not an outdoors person but if I'm going to walk, I'd rather be outside. I like taking dance classes though and those are indoors. LOL Here's to getting to two miles, but one mile is still awesome!


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to finally be able to get outside and do some walking. It was a long, hard winter and the warmer weather is just what I needed. Hope you're able to get out of the funk. I started to dip into one last week, but I spent some time with family and managed to pull myself out of it. :)