Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lucy turned 3 and we all got through it.

I have SO many posts for you coming up and you're going to just be so overwhelmed which is only right because I am super overwhelmed with life right now so here we are. We are fresh from our trip to Missouri (more on that another day) and right before we left we celebrated Lucy turning three. My rationale was that if I did her party and then we immediately left I wouldn't have time to dwell and be in my feelings. 

And that worked for a few days and then it's all kind of waited for me so I'm still not sure if that was the best tactic after all, but I guess we'll see. I'll give it time. 


On her actual birthday we just did a small party among our little family of six. 

We played in the yard for most of the day, and she had a really good time.  
 Birthday tradition says the birthday person picks our dinner and no surprise, she picked spaghetti. So that's what we had and she couldn't have been happier. 
 We only do cupcakes on that night because it's cheaper than a cake and we usually have a cake during our all family party. 
 But she didn't mind. 
 She gets a present. I usually only give them one gift on their actual birthday and maybe two or three on their party day. 

On party day we were really lucky because my brother and his wife and two kids were able to come up (they live five + hours away). 
 I found these spray bottles at Michaels with liquid chalk on clearance and the kids decorated my patio area. 
 Thankfully it was washable because they got it on themselves. 
 We had a BBQ lunch and the kids ate their weight in blueberries. 
 Anytime you ask Lucy to smile, this is still the face you get. I'm kind of hoping she grows out of this soon. 
 She really loved her cake. She's a huge fan of Toy Story and though we haven't gotten to see the newest movie, the bonus is that all of the stores have toys and stuff for it, so she got a Toy Story cake. 
 We opened presents. Her cousin Adriana helped her out. 
 My mother in law got her a Baby Shark that plays the song and Lucy absolutely LOVES IT. 
 Penelope is especially enamored with her cousin Mason. He's super cute and she's always hugging him. 
 Lucy's "big" gift were a few more Calico Critters so her and Adriana played with those for a long time. 
Before they left I got a quick picture with my niece because she's just the cutest thing ever and I love her so much. Every time she comes up here I always try to have crafty things to do with the kids and this time it was calm down jars and slime. Both were a hit and I'm still finding glitter everywhere. I hope she has good memories of her Auntie Sara when she gets older. 

Overall? The party was fun. It was an OK couple of days and I didn't have a lot of time to dwell and be sad and angry. I'm feeling all of that now but I have therapy on the 19th so I can make it another week. This means I'll have had a three week stretch with no therapy and it's been ROUGH. I'm trudging through though. 

Tomorrow I'll talk about our Missouri trip and share some photos. Hang tight. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad the party went well, though I'm sure all the emotions are kind of hitting you know that you're back home from vacay. The 19th will be here soon! I have my therapy every other week and usually that's fine but sometimes so much seems to be going on in that time span that it seems like forever.

Lucy looks like she had a great time though, and that's awesome your brother and his family were able to go.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm glad the party went well, Lucy sure looks like she had a blast! The 19th is getting closer! One day at a time! Can't wait to hear more about Missouri!

mypixieblog said...

Have been thinking much about you and the family and am glad that you are hanging in there. No therapy is tough for three weeks when you have a cadence with your therapist but the good news is the worst of the wait is over. I’m so glad you all had a nice time for Lucy’s birthday and that baby shark sounds adorable and annoying at the same time, but mostly adorable 😊❤️

Anonymous said...

Aww, happy birthday to Lucy! She is the cutest. I'm happy to hear that the party went well and that she enjoyed herself. :)