Monday, August 19, 2019

Weight Loss Journey: Holding Steady

I haven't done a weigh-in in a few months and that's because I haven't really moved, BUT I started at like 212 and I've been holding steady at 209.

Obviously, I'd like to not be stagnant, but I'm going to take it because at least I'm not going up and I feel pretty OK with where I'm at.

To be honest, I didn't do a DANG THING at all last week and that's because of two things. One, I had done SO much activity the week we were in Missouri, and two, the big kids (all but Lucy) were gone for the entire week to my in-laws so I really didn't have anything to do.

Well, that's not entirely true.

I did clean stuff that was neglected the week we were gone, I did laundry, cleaned the suitcases because even though I unpacked I feel weird being at places so I clean them out, and Lucy and I hung out. Which was incredibly nice and quiet, and I realized this school year is going to be AMAZING because I'm going to be ALONE for like three hours every day.

I can't even wait.

But that three hours cannot be wasted and I want to do something active so I don't slide into my natural slug ways. I said when Fitbit came out that I absolutely wasn't going to jump on the fad but it's a bazillion years later and....

I need to jump on the fad.
Photo illustration credit: TechRadar and Fitbit

So what do you suggest? I've gone over a lot of articles online and I've probably read this one a solid ten, maybe even eleven times, but it's all nonsense to me. My cognitively impaired brain isn't understanding 80% of it and so I need to know what regular people suggest.

Do you have a Fitbit you love? One you hate? Tell me why you love it, and tell me why you hate the other ones.

Ideally, I'd like one that is waterproof (because kids, but also because I forget to take things off when I get into a shower and it's been a problem that I'm not getting into), I don't swim for sport so I don't need it do that. I'd like it to track my steps and my heart rate reliably. I'd like something that can connect to my phone (iPhone) and I'm on the fence about GPS (Like, what's the benefit to seeing your GPS on the thingie versus your phone? Does it even matter?)

Or does Fitbit suck completely and I should go with something even COOLER and BETTER?



Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Last week was a fail for me. We were on a long weekend vacation and then running around doing back to school shopping. I ended up not cooking for a whole week! OMG! This week I need to move my butt! Now, FitBits! So I got one when they first came out and loved it. I have upgraded 4 times and now I have the versa. It says it is waterproof but I don't chance it and have seen others say they don't shower with it either. I love that it tracks, steps, sleep and my HR too. And that I can sync it with the app on my phone. That being said, after 6 years, I am jumping ship next month to the new Samsung smart watch. Their version of the apple watch I suppose. My husband has had a fit bit, Samsung watch and the apple watch and says the apple is the way to go. Im android so Samsung it is for me. Apple has the ECG heart rate monitor though so thats cool. And there is the matter of price too. Ok, Im gonna nerd out here so, Ill stop. Have a great week Sara!

Anthea said...

I'm head over heels in love with my Garmin watch - it was the best gift I've ever received. I feel so much more motivation to workout and get my steps in. It monitors my heart rate so I know if I'm pushing myself too much on a run. Last night I forgot it at home and turned back (on the way to the gym) to go fetch it. I just couldn't go workout without it - I'm rather attached to it to put it mildly :)

Anthea said...

I am head over heels in love with my Garmin watch. It really changed fitness for me, makes me want to get my steps in daily and measures my heart rate so I know when I'm pushing myself on a run. It was a gift and quite frankly my favourite present ever.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I have a FitBit but I couldn't tell you the type. LOL I'm sure there are newer ones now. I like FitBit in general though - I need to upgrade my phone to reattach it to that, but when it was attached, I liked seeing who was texting or calling on my FitBit. For now, I can see steps, heart rate, how many steps you took, things like that. I mostly pay attention to the steps - and use it as a watch. LOL I need to get moving more too. This summer has been really bad for that with being in physical therapy so much. I didn't get to really take my dance classes like I wanted, so starting up again next month is going to be interesting. haha