Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Garden Update- ch, ch, ch, changes

Just know going into this that I'm giving you a lot of pictures, you're going to be here awhile. Go get a snack and a drink. 

Anyways. So, if you're new, you need to know I generally cannot keep plants of any kind alive. Quarantine got me trying new things and I figured if I'm going to be home all of the time, I can try a new hobby. Also, someone gave me an article about depression and how digging in dirt can help? I don't really remember but I figured at this point I'm willing to try unorthodox treatments. 

And if you're wondering, it definitely doesn't help with depression but increases my anxiety so I'm not sure if I'm ahead or more behind anymore .
Let us start with hibiscus. She has a sister in another area, and like a rookie, I planted them directly into the ground. If you pay attention you'll remember I live in northern Wisconsin, which is pretty far from tropical anything. Everyone has reminded me that this is going to die if I leave in the ground during winter. 

You'll be happy to know I purchased pots and good soil and I'm going to try to transfer them. I'm so worried I'll kill them. 
These were red lillies, I have two of these, and they had flowers which did their thing and then died and fell off. I cut back the brown like Google told me to do and this isn't a great photo but there are like, fat nubs... do you think they will flower again?!
Shasta daisy bush is doing the damn thing! It had one flower and a bunch of "we are being lazy and not blooming" things but look! It finally did something!
My second big bunch of delphinium (on the same plant) did its thing and it is so stinking pretty. It's like a purple/blue color. I just don't know how to keep it up. I mean, I guess I could do a tomato cage or something but what happens in nature? You don't have a bunch of cages in the woods or whatever, do they just droop? Is that what they do?
I have this rose bush by my bedroom window that had buds everywhere when we bought it and planted it. Then they just died and it has been a sad sack little bush. It was embarrassing itself, really. All of a sudden... there's a bud!
And an actual flower! Surprising because this plant had a tag saying I would be getting bright pink flowers and these are orange/yellow. Which I'm not hating. 
I have two smaller things of daisies which aren't failures but aren't as talented as their older sister down the house. 
I don't know what this is but it doesn't smell like anything like the tag said it would. But it also isn't ugly anymore so I'll take it. 
I will remember you..... will you remember me? (If you aren't singing Sarah McLachlan, get off my page, you don't belong here.) The lupine is done, I think, I really don't know if they like... bloom again. Again, the tags on plants were pretty off the mark on everything and these were supposed to be white. I had a white, a yellow, and a reddish one? It was bizarre but I'm not hating it. 
Oh, here is the other hibiscus sister. Honestly, I might keep this photo forever, look at those water droplets!
Oh yes. So I planted some hostas as filler whatevers. I bought FOUR OF THE SAME (of course, that is what the tag said but to be fair, they all looked the same when purchased). This one... is a runt. It is like the bastard child and the fact he isn't like the others is driving me crazy. 
The others are like these. There are these two, and on the other side, one of these and then the runt. He gets the same amount of everything and still he is a failure. 
Oooh... look at my dogwood! It is getting tall and I tried to go buy two more but they were all gone everywhere. 
Quick break to brag about my flamingo. I got him off of Amazon and no, I didn't pay that much for it. I wanted a pineapple one but I can't find them anywhere. But that's who I am now, I buy garden decor. 
Don't think the yard is bangin', either. I have this triangle wasteland. It is out of control. I pull stuff, it comes back twice as fast. It is insane. 
It isn't all crap though, I have a couple of lily plants doing their thing and looking pretty. 
I have a hollyhock, which I wanted more of but they are hard to find in stores but I'm going to take its babies it drops and plant them, hope for the best. 
We don't know what this is but it has thorns and I feel like maybe that mean it isn't total crap?
Same with this thing. If you think I'm growing something poisonous, let me know. HA!
Over by the driveway/alley there is one lone rose branch growing inside of a huge lilac bush. 
See? Isn't it pretty? I'm not sure how to help it so that's a problem for another year. 
I also have this L shaped corner. It really just needs to have weeds pulled, the snow on the mountain tamed, and things given room to do what plants do, but I just don't think that is in the cards this year. Maybe a little bit. 
I do know there are these pretty rose bushes. It looks like there are two in there but it could be just one big one, too. 
I do like these purple things that I have no idea what they are. 
I think these might be more daisies!
Oh yes. I love this yellow plant. I think it is too late to save the hosta this year, but maybe next year I'll try to separate them. Who knows. 
I thought it was a rabbit eating my hosta on the other side and you guys, I think it might be the deer. Someone told me hosta is like crack for deer. Look what they did to my baby!
The original victim is coming back nicely. 
I don't know what this is. It was $2 in a clearance bin and I'd like for it to do something already. 
OH! I also have to show that my first hibiscus? Showing her sister up by giving me a pink AND an orange flower. BOTH! BOTH, YOU GUYS! 

Now I'm really worried about the transplant. 

So I don't know, I feel like I'm doing OK and things seem to be relatively happy. I continue to worry about the hydrangeas in the front, I think I got cocky with those. I hope they pull through. 

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm such a dork, my mom plants my outside flowers every year. I try to care about them but I just don't. However my indoor plants are my babies, and most of them are doing well. Every now and again there's a death, which I mourn, but my jade and aloe plants have been thriving for several years, which I'd call a win!

Your plants look LOVELY, you're doing a great job!