Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kid hallway = DONE

More progress in the house! It may seem like I must be almost done, but I'm not. I have been saving some of the more expensive, more labor intensive, least fun projects until the end. So it might be awhile before you have another house project update.

But recently I tackled the really long hallway to the kids' bedrooms. The really great thing about our house is that it used to be a really huge house with only two bedrooms and an attic area you could walk into. Fortunately for us, the previous owners thought that was dumb so they converted the attic into two more bedrooms side by side. Which makes for a really long hallway of opportunity.

And I, of course, seized it.

There is like... a wall that is between Olivia and Jackson's doors that I wanted to put up kid related art work. Things that are sentimental to me and remind me that this is a kid zone.
 So here it is. The two photo frames have pictures of each kid at 9 months old. Because I'm over the top, I had both kids in bright colored stripe shirts, and both had a ball that matched their outfits. Because I knew that someday they'd look cool next to each other. Then I made shadowboxes of each one of their first shoes.
 I had this in the last house, but I remember buying it as soon as I saw it in a shop in Canal Park. I saw it in the window and I maxed out my credit card to get it that day. I used to sing this song to my kids on repeat for hours trying to get them to sleep. Every time they are sad, or sick, they want me to sing to them in bed. So I knew this had to go into the hall.

THEN, a few months ago I was just browsing through Etsy and I saw this:
 and I absolutely knew that I had to have it. For the illiterate or stupid out there, it's a quote from the book Where the Wild Things Are. I'm also known for telling my kids I'm going to bite them and/or eat them up so obviously, they need to be reminded. The really great thing is that I got this from Stoic Design and they have fabulous pieces. I already bought another one for a friend for a gift and I'm basically trying to decide what am I going to buy next. Their shop has a ton of just really lovely stuff and we're close enough to Christmas (shut your pie holes, people- start planning!) that you can start buying now. They make things on demand, ship pretty quickly, and have adorable packaging. You can also like them on Facebook to stay on top of what's coming soon.

We also own a lot of kid books. And I really do mean that. Both kids have quite the stockpile in their rooms but we have the community shelf where they change out their books periodically and this where we pick out our bedtime stories. I used to use these two door cabinet things, but honestly- not every book fit and some books were too big and it just didn't look right. SO, I had Matt build shelves.
He rounded the one end off to kids wouldn't take out their eye as they stumbled out of their rooms in the morning. So I put their books, their games, and some book character stuffed animals up there. And Tiggy Tots, the pig you see slumped over. Tiggy Tots was Olivia's first stuffed animal and she used to suck his nose. I can't bear to get rid of him.

So there you have it. It worked out really well and I liked how it looks. I also like how my hallway reminds me of the children's section of the library.


Unknown said...

Whenever I get a house, you'll come over and decorate it for me... right? I'll pay you in really, really healthy food - like pizza and ice cream and shit. :)

Brenda said...

Wow, I love taking a tour of your house and seeing how you decorate each space.
You're awesome, chick.

Ruth said...

I used to sing that song to my baby all the time too.

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! Looks awesome, Sara!!