Monday, September 23, 2013

It's good to be a blogger.

Every once in awhile, I get the question, "Why do you blog? Don't you care about putting it all out there?"

And the answer is always really simple. I blog because I've met some really amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, caring people out there. Most of these people have become actual friends for me and someday when I have money, I will have the most epic road trip traveling to see you all. And I don't mind putting it all out there because there are others out there like me. I think if I had someone like me that blogged that had a life like me, things wouldn't have been so hard for me back in the day. But somewhere out there, there is a youthful, fun loving mom, stressed out from day to day things, in a marriage she's working hard at who sometimes struggles with depression and the pressures of being good at everything. And maybe she relates to me.

Or maybe there is a guy out there that has a wife like me and maybe he gets her just a little bit more and sees what the other perspective is like.

Or maybe there is a complete opposite of me that sees me as a hot mess and feels better about themselves.

Whatever it is, hopefully I'm sometimes entertaining.

But back to great people. I've made some really good friends over the interwebs and sometimes you guys send me fun things. And these fun things, quite literally, ALWAYS when I need them the most. It's like you have a freaky radar on this. But it's true.

Today I came home to a really fun package from none other than Rose over at Spirit Phoenix. She has been with me since what feels like the beginning of my blog, and she's just been really great. I think way back when I won a giveaway on her blog and I got this really cool tote bag that I still use every week on my trip to the library, and I think of her every time I use it. But she's also really talented, and interesting, and she has adorable kids, and she just is the type of person I would love to coffee with because she's just so cool. So I knew that whatever was in this box was going to be awesome, I would love it, and it would make my day.

Then I saw her card and I got giddy. Like I started bouncing in my heeled boots and squealing.

Then I opened it. And full out squealed, scaring all of my pets, I started jumping in my heeled boots but because I'm not coordinated, I kind of fell and almost broke my ankle but I recovered because hello- my gift is breakable. And oh good lord it matches my office and it's like the PERFECT thing for my wall.
Jesus cripes is a counted cross stitched stoned goat! Could there ever BE a more appropriate gift for me? Huh? No. No there cannot be because it is amazing.

Even Matt rolled his eyes and said, "It's really nuts that total strangers just get you. Because even I wouldn't think of a good gift like this." That's right he wouldn't- guy who gets me a desk calendar for Christmas every year, despite I don't have a work desk to put it on. *sigh*
But look at Shaggy! Doesn't he fit perfectly on my wall? I even hung her card up on my bulletin board of awesome. So Shaggy looks at me, and he looks stoned, but happy. It's the closest to a real goat I'll ever get.

So THANK YOU, Rose. You are amazing, this was by far the highlight of my Day Quil induced haze of today. Thank you for being a blog reader, for taking the time to make this for me, to spend the expense to mail it to me. Just everything. Thank you.


Shirley said...

I love Rose. I got a super awesome pair of Halloween earrings in a blogger swap that I just wear when I'm feeling sassy.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Too cute!! Bloggers really are great. I love that someone you've never met in real life got you a better gift than your husband. It's bloggy-friendship meant to be.

Ruth said...

Nice gift.

SpiritPhoenix said...

First off, I hope you're feeling better today.

I'm so happy to see Shaggy has found his spot on your wall! From the moment I saw his pattern on Etsy he was just calling out to me..."I need you to send me to Sara. Send me home to Sara...." Now how can I argue with him? Honestly?!?!?

Thank you for being you and just putting it all out there. I think it's a very brave thing for you to do. Especially since I use a lot of pseudonyms myself. You're a great writer and I always look forward to your posts, since the majority of the time I'm going to laugh my ass off. Which is why I no longer drink anything when I read your posts. ;)

And yes, one day we will totally get coffee together!

middle child said...

Just trying to catch up on reading posts. Glad you have a goat that at least you can look at. And an awesome one at that!
I actually was so upset the other day that I sent my mind thru words to you. But, I somehow was texting it and trying to send it to your email. Duh. Point being that I was reaching out for you and I don't exactly know why I chose you. Friends. Blogging is great. And I respect TRUTH above all other characteristics.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I always hope that someone who is going through a divorce will read my blog and see that life does eventually get better. I wish I'd had that when I was going through it.

thotlady said...

I simply love Shaggy, and he does look stoned. What a nice friend you have to make and send it to you.

____j said...

That is awesome!