Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Phil, John, and Dance.

So, I went to empty my camera tonight and holy hell- there is so much you don't know! A lot has happened in the last two months, so I've got to catch you up.

Way back in November, I treated my mom and my Uncle Ron to a John Mayer concert. I have been wanting to see him since 2009 or 2010, whenever his Battle Studies album was being toured, but I didn't have money. I really didn't this time either, but to hell with it. I was going to make it happen because his opener? Phillip Phillips. Let me just tell you I love him. Wonky kidneys and all, love.
 And he's just so great live. You can tell he loves what he does and he loves his fans. I sang through everything. It's always nice to see the crowd appreciate an opening act.
 Then John came on. Which, I was a little worried how it would be since every thing I heard on the radio in regards to his tour said basically- no hits from the past.  His voice wasn't 100% recovered from surgery and all of that so he'd be sticking to his newer things. Which is fine, I actually loved his last two albums that most people didn't, but they are really pretty solid.
The good news is that those radio people turned out to be morons because he sang things from every album! YAY!
 Visually, it was a pretty stunning concert. It had almost a Smashing Pumpkins a la Mellon Collie years to it, but seeing as that's one of my favorite albums of all time, I'm all right with that.
 We of course, sang to every single song.
 I can't even tell you how much I loved this concert. If you have never seen John Mayer live, you need to fix that immediately. I was kind of bummed he didn't sing "Walt Grace", but that's OK. Next time, right? But it was nice because this broke my concert lull because I haven't gone to many this year. I did see Beyonce a few months back with my friend Amy and Beyonce is the queen. Seriously. I wasn't even a huge Beyonce fan before, but now that I have seen her live? I will bow down- she dominates every other female in the business.

So that was that.

 Oh yes, completely late now, but we decorate our house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. The kids always get new pajamas so here they are modeling them. Stinking adorable.

Olivia had her winter dance recital too. I don't know if I have fully told you how much I love that she is in dance. I love how it's non competitive and it really is just to have fun, but part of me kind of wishes we could get all dance mom on people. HA! One of my favorite people, Andrea, is a fellow dance mom and she's there every Tuesday. I seriously think I would go insane without my Tuesdays. We haven't gone in like two weeks now and I'm going through withdrawals. Anyways.
 So yes, Olivia's recital. Isn't she just the god damn cutest??
 It's her knobby knees that just kill me. I love it.
I was trying to get her to do a dancing move for me, and this is what she does. You'll notice it's exactly what she did in her "strike a pose" part of the routine. Every time I watch her, I'm laughing, but I'm kind of crying, and I am usually screaming like a maniac. I don't care, I just love that she loves dance so much.

So that was basically my November and part of December in a nut shell. More soon loves.

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Sounds like a great concert to go to!