Saturday, August 29, 2015

Crafty Saturday: end of summer, use up those scraps!

It's Saturday, so that means I'm spending a lot of time in my craft room/office/library. I try to finish up a few thank you or birthday cards each week because it seems I'm always in need of those, but that means I accumulate a lot of scraps. Every couple of weeks I try to go through my scrap bin and use those up because when paper is $.60 a sheet (or more.. yikes!!) I don't like to waste it.

I think these papers came in some kind of pack but I only have random pieces of them left. Plus this is one of my favorite stamps from Stampin! Up and I think I've gotten the most use out of this one out of all of the stamps I own. Same with these scallop punches- well worth the price I paid for them!
Another stamp company I absolutely love is the Unity Stamp company and this is their "what's shakin" set. Again, some random gold glitter looking paper and pretty polka dots and a super easy card.
I also have a small hoard of washi tape and Matt says I have to use it before I can buy anymore. So pretty much every card is being decorated with washi tape because A) I like pretty envelopes too and B) it's an easy use of it for sure.
I bit the bullet and bought myself circle punches because after over 10 years of making cards and scrapbooks, I'm finally sick of finding different sized circle things I can trace. You see I used more washi tape so Matt can stop with his "you have too much" argument. But I grossly underestimated what a pain it was going to be to color in the strawberries. PAIN. But cute. I'll give them that.

In the coming weeks I'm going to try to start making some Christmas things and maybe, just maybe, I'll get my rear end on Pinterest and find something that I'm actually going to make.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, these are cute. I really should go through my scrapbook paper and make cards!


Unknown said...

Just too cute! I love them all! Maybe I should hire you to do my thank you letters from the wedding!