Tuesday, April 17, 2018

An endo what?!

So I figured I'd give an update before I forget about it. Or forget that I told you. Both are viable options here.

Yesterday I went to yet another specialist, Gastroenterology, so I continue to make my rounds to every practice within the St. Luke's health system. I've been having stomach issues since my AFE that I'm just now dealing with.

At first I was told that major surgery (emergency c-section) was to blame and give it time to heal. Did that. Then I was told maybe it was my medications so maybe I should adjust them. Did that. Maybe it was my diet and I should change it. Did it. Maybe I needed to get more exercise. Been doing that.

And still, I continue to have issues. The worst being random, intense pain in my entire stomach region. Below my boobs but above my belly button, it feels like I'm in labor but I'm clearly not. Sometimes I can deal with it and it doesn't stop me. A few times it was so intense I had to lay down. About a month ago it was so bad that I debated going to the ER for it. I didn't because by the time I convinced myself I should just go already, it was getting better and fading away. I'm dealing with everything from gas, constipation, to diarrhea, sometimes within the same hour.

Needless to say I hate going out into the world because I literally have no idea what kind of day it's going to be.

I consulted with Rheumatology, we ruled out my medications. I consulted with my primary care doctor, she felt it was best I go right to Gastroenterology because I would likely end up there anyways. I had spoke to my Endocrinologist about it but he said that while some of it likely is related to my steroids and hypopituitarism, the intense pain is not common so he thinks I should see gastro, too.

So I went.

The doctor was really very nice and he asked me a LOT of questions. I think this man knows more about my poop than I do so that's exciting. I think he had a few ideas in his head as to what it could be, but he also confirmed that a lot of the motility issues with my intestines and stuff are related to the hypopituitarism and that it in fact, will only get worse as I age. Something new about my acquired condition that I didn't know about. Makes me wonder what else is waiting for me that I have no idea is coming. But he has ordered a crap ton of labwork, an ultrasound, and an endoscopy.

What you should never do when you hear of a new test is Google it. Sometimes I feel like Google should just go away already because nothing good comes of it. You're either dying or going to be gutted by a camera on a string basically. So that procedure is scheduled for June 25 and has "prep" that goes on up to three days before. Luckily my prep is on a weekend versus during the week so I'll take it. But I'll have to have Matt drive me because I'll be put out for this thing being shoved down my throat and into my upper GI tract to take a look around.

Normally I wouldn't freak out, I'll be sleeping, what's to worry about? It's not like I'll see it going down my throat. My fear is coming into play because this will be my first major procedure since my "routine" emergency c-section. I'll be put out which means I need an IV of Cortisol because my body doesn't produce it and your body produces a lot of it during "stressful situations", which this would be one. I have to make sure they know that and do it otherwise I could go into adrenal crisis right away and if not treated, I could die. So nothing is routine for me anymore. I'm really worried about it. I have a million questions and I already feel a ton of anxiety thinking about it. Which makes me wonder if things like this will always worry me?

The bright side is I'll have Matt there so he'll be in charge of making sure they are doing what they need to and I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm probably worrying about nothing. I'm more worried about the procedure than I am of them finding something wrong with me. But dang, I almost hope for something because the pain is pretty awful. Sigh.


Julie H said...

I'm assuming they ruled out gallbladder? That would be my guess.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Like Julie, that was actually my first guess- gallbladder. I assume that's been ruled out too, but if not, it could be that! I had mine taken out this past August. I can understand why the procedure freaks you out, but you're right that you have Matt- he'll take care of it!