Friday, April 27, 2018

Book Review: Love Hack

I'm a fan of short books so when I heard about this one coming in at around 160 pages, I was all in.

Love Hack - Kimberly  Dean

Security analyst Spencer Weiler is excited when he lands a job at Afire Industries. The responsibility is daunting, but nowhere near as exhilarating as working with Josie Johnson, the pretty program manager in charge. Spencer lusts after her, but knows that she only sees him as a work friend. He needs to make himself over if he’s going to have a shot with her. 

Josie is all too aware of the cute computer geek watching over her. He was tempting before, but with his newfound muscles and sexy haircut, he’s suddenly an irresistible stud. She makes the first move and is stunned to learn that her hot IT guy is just as studious in the sack. Their affair turns hot and heavy, but Josie had broken her rule about dating coworkers once before. It hadn’t ended well. When her ex returns and posts scandalous pictures of her on the Internet, it’s not Spencer’s muscles that she needs. She needs a hacker. 

So in this book we have Spencer, newly hired to Afire to help with security after a hack in the start up company portion of Afire. As soon as he meets Josie, who runs the start up, he's instantly smitten. In love, even. He's never seen anyone like her and he can't help but lose his cool around her. She has sworn off dating people she works with after her ex Nolan continues to harass her. That doesn't stop Spencer though, when he finds out some compromising photos of Josie are unleashed onto the Internet, he steps in to save the day... which jump starts their relationship.

I'm giving this one a solid 3.5 stars and I'm only knocking it down a bit because I hate that Spencer feels like he has to buff up for Josie. I'm appreciative that he did for description purposes, but I hate when people feel like they have to change who they are to impress someone else.. is that a good basis for a relationship? I don't think so. I did like the story line with the compromising photos and the ex, and I love how Spencer steps in to save the day (repeatedly). If I had to find another fault it would definitely be Josie and her damsel in distress, over-reacting, and unable to help herself for all of her logical thinking, it almost doesn't jive. Her pen collection? Love it and I'm secretly jealous.

Overall? It's a great little read, plenty of sexy action and a pretty solid little story to go along with it, minus the little things I didn't care for. Solid 3.5 star.


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