Saturday, July 14, 2018

Book Review: I Can Handle Him

I unexpectedly kind of loved this book. It's a fast read that you should check out if you like contemporary romance!

I Can Handle Him - Debbie K. Lum

Quinn Corbin’s got nothing to lose – except her life.
She’s finally got the attention of the man she’s always loved, Nick Allen. But Nick has a reputation for trouble. And after a car explosion killed his last girlfriend, many people in San Antonio, Texas think Nick got away with murder.
But Quinn, a 24-year-old elementary school teacher and bubbly optimist, believes Nick is innocent. So does her best friend Tory, a law student and sarcastic realist. Soon Quinn and Nick find their relationship growing when suddenly their world upends. Now Nick is in major trouble again and Quinn may have made the biggest mistake of her life.
With incriminating evidence mounting against Nick, Tory works to prove his innocence. But Nick finds himself in a bigger battle when he must fight to protect, and win, his true love.

Alright, so this book features two girls who fall for the same guy. One friend (Tori) graciously bows out so Quinn can have her chance with Nick. Nick is an up and coming coffee shop entrepreneur with quite the reputation, his last girlfriend was killed in his car and everyone thinks he has gotten away with murder. When the second accident happens so close to the first one, it seemingly confirms everyone's suspicions and that's where Tori steps in. Tori is a second year law student and she enlists the help of her dad (also a lawyer) to clear Nick's name. As more details come out his innocence is getting harder and harder to prove but Tori really doesn't believe that Nick has done anything wrong.

All during this process, Nick and Tori get closer and it looks like things could turn romantic but all Tori can think about is Quinn and how this feels like she's betraying her best friend.

Overall? I'm giving this one 4 stars. There are a few conversational areas of the book that don't read correctly, they don't sound like anything a person would say in real life. Additionally, there are a few scenes that you know would never play out that way in real life and it was hard to believe it, even if it is a book. Overall I really liked it. It's romance without sex so it's a clean romance if that's your jam. The ending was actually kind of predictable but that's OK because the route to get there was fun and leaves you craving cookies.


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Debbie Lum said...

I love your unexpected kind of love. Thank you for reviewing!