Monday, July 16, 2018

Book Review: An Independent Wife

Dude, if there is one thing that does not age well, it's romance novels.

An Independent Wife - Linda Howard
Linda Howard sweeps fans into the high-stakes, high-pressure world of a top news magazine in this exciting and romantic story of rediscovered passion . . . Sallie wondered if Rhy would recognize her after seven years. She'd lost weight, loosened up and turned her talents to news reporting for one of the nation's leading magazines. After all this time, would Rhy Baines, the news publisher, recognize his wife? Sallie Jerome, a.k.a. Mrs. Baines, had picked up the pieces of shattered dreams after Rhy walked out. She'd become the independent, self-possessed woman he'd always wanted. Only now, she didn't want him. . . . Or did she?
You guys- this book was laughable at best. Not only is this guy completely abusive, there are a few times that he flirts with the line of raping this woman. I'm sure in it's heyday this was maybe seen as thrilling because it's this macho guy being possessive over the woman and maybe a bored housewife would see that as better than being ignored, but I'm telling you- it was hard to read. 

The book centers around Sallie (formerly known as Sarah) as she makes a life for herself as a reporter going into dangerous situations. Her estranged husband, Rhy, suddenly comes back in the picture and demands she assume the role as wife and give up her career. Sallie tries to dig her heels in but he threatens to blackball her from the industry, eventually thwarts every chance she has to leave him, and threatens her throughout the book. Not to mention the few times where he squeezes her wrist painfully or kisses her and initiates sex against her will. She might not be screaming no but she damn sure isn't screaming yes. I was so uncomfortable with this book that I actually wanted to smack Sallie myself and tell her to get a damn clue.

I am only giving this one star because I can't give it no star on Goodreads.

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