Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Book Review: Meet the Bobs and Tweets

I know I have a lot of readers who have kids and I know some of us struggle with finding books our elementary age kids are interested in reading. I want to introduce you to this series, which I think strong readers in second and third grade will love, but even readers in fourth and fifth grade will appreciate the humor in a different way.

If your kids are fans of Captain Underpants or even The Diary of a Wimpy Kid they are going to really like these books- they are funny and the illustrations really reminded me of the ones you would find in the Dr. Seuss classics, but maybe a more modern update to them. The other similarity to beloved Dr. Seuss is the writing. Each chapter reads just like Dr. Seuss, fully of witty rhymes The Bob family are a bunch of slobs and the Tweet family are very neat and orderly, so you can imagine how these are going to be a fun read, but maybe challenging for a child to read in a rhyming cadence.

Each story is funny and I had my ten year old read the books aloud to me and two of his sisters and we all had a good time laughing throughout all of them. The younger girls (3 and 2) even had a good time reading these with us because of the way it's written but combined with the cool pictures and the humor. The other perk to these is it shows you how completely different people, with nothing in common, can come together and work to a common goal when they need to.

If you're looking for a book gift (as you should because books are GREAT GIFTS), these would be a really fun set to add to your list!

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trish said...

Oh, I'm going to get this for Ethan for Christmas! Thanks for the recommendation!