Thursday, November 1, 2018

Weight Loss Challenge, ep. 1 (vlog included!)

Someone said that if I'm going to start this and really put it out there, I should mention how I got so chunky, because it wasn't by poor diet and total laziness. Some of it was, certainly, but the majority of it has come from having a fourth baby and dying twice while doing so. If you are new here and you have no idea what I'm talking about, or what an Amniotic Fluid Embolism is, please click that link and catch up.


So I'm officially starting a Weight Loss Challenge. I'm posting pictures, I'm vlogging, it's the real deal this time. I did it years ago, it worked and I lost a lot of weight, and it's not just being accountable to one person, but many.

I had a friend preview this, someone who hasn't seen me in person in a long time and she said I look and sound different. I don't really feel like I do, but I also don't watch myself on video regularly, so there's that. 
Right now, at this very second (I'm lying, this was yesterday at 2 in the afternoon but it has not changed), I am 211.4. I'm only 5'3 so I am REALLY over my BMI and though I think the BMI is kind of nutty, I'm very close to being able to do a weight loss surgery, something I don't ever want to do. I really want to work at this because I know that I can. It's going to be slow, but it can be done. 
I am going to take actual measurements this weekend (trust me, they won't go down by then) and share them on my Monday post. 
Obviously my biggest insecurity area is my stomach, complete mid-section. It seems to change daily- some days it's not actually so bad and I feel OK. Other days it seems to expand and instead of looking 3-4 months pregnant, I look around 5 months pregnant. I know my thighs and waist are larger, my arms are larger, but those things don't feel so important anymore. But my midsection makes me nervous because my Grandma died of bile duct cancer which could have been found sooner had she lost weight sooner. I have a LOT of abdominal issues right now and I'm so paranoid I have something really wrong with me. I probably don't but I'm always thinking what if
It was a sobering moment taking these photos. I almost didn't do it but I'm in a Facebook group that is to motivate you to do better for yourself and everyone says they wish they had true "beginning" photos to really see how far they came. That's why I did it. 

I'm realistic and know that I won't have a flat stomach. From the belly button down, like way down I have a pretty gnarly vertical scar from my emergency c-section, and then being re-opened to find where I was hemorrhaging. I always say that area is dead because I don't have a lot of feeling there and the muscles are completely shot. Basically, I won't ever be a Victoria Secret model. And that's OK! I really just have a goal of size 12 pants, being able to go upstairs and down without using an inhaler, and doing active stuff with my kids again like hikes and adventures. Thankfully, at age 36 I'm completely over wanting to be attractive by what society says is pretty and I'm moving into aging gracefully. (That alone is really very freeing, you guys. I promise.) 

So on Monday... I'll check in again. Every Monday I'll get an updated post for you. If you have weight to lose, or maybe you just want to get more fit and feel better, FOLLOW ALONG! If you follow me on the Facebook page for this blog, I will maybe post daily thoughts and struggles. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Go you! I'm still slowly, but surely, working on losing weight. I'm a bit up and down at the moment, so through the holidays, if I can just maintain, I'd be okay with that, but my goal is to obviously lose some more. That would be great. I do have more energy though and I can move around better, so those are all good things - I just want to feel even BETTER. And I think it's great you're sharing your journey here. I hope it does help you keep up with it, and I'm sure it will motivate a lot of people reading too. Sometimes it's just nice to know you aren't the only one going through something.


Shybiker said...

Good luck on your quest. It's important for our health to eat well and be physically active. Size isn't as important as fitness. I applaud your efforts!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I think it's awesome you're being so transparent and honest, it's super inspiring. You can do this. One step at a time!!

Julie H said...

WTG! I've gained back all my weight I lost and haven't actually stood on the scale lately because I know it's bad! I really want to start running again. I think I miss that more than cute clothes. Well maybe lol.

Shann Eva said...

Hooray! I'm so happy you are doing this. I know it's going to be hard, especially at this time of year. But, I'm here with you..supporting you and trying to lose some of the weight I've gained lately.

Erica Robyn said...

<3 Good luck with your challenge!! You can do it!! <3

Sarah Stepec said...

Hi, Sara! I live over in Duluth and have been following your blog for YEARS. I am wondering if you have ever heard of "Trim, Healthy Mama"? If not, they are sisters who created an eating plan that is low carb and therefore super effective. No counting calories or points, just cooking. In getting to know you through your blog I think this is a plan that you would really excel at given your organized style. I'd love to amazon you the books if you are interested! You can e-mail me at Either way, I am rooting for you to reclaim your health! God bless.

The Flynnigans said...

LOVED listening and seeing your face. You are a brave woman posting such raw photos. You really do look great for birthing FOUR human beings Sara.

You got this girl, I'm SO rooting for you and sending much love and inspiration. Always here to chat, you know that, right girl?

I look forward to following you on this journey. Go SARA!!!! :)

XOXOX Love you girl!