Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Weight Loss Challenge, ep. 5 - gobble gobble

I officially have done a Gobble Gallop on Thanksgiving. Specifically, I did the Tough Turkey one miler. 
Their swag was actually pretty cool, even if they didn't order enough of my size and I had to take a smaller one.. that was kind of a bummer .
 While waiting Penelope and Lucy did snow angels. (Olivia and Jackson spent the  night at Grandma and Grandpa's) Clearly Lucy didn't understand why she was laying in the snow. 
 This must be a regular thing for Penelope because she was all about it. Snow angels all over the place. 
 I only got one pre-race selfie, and I need to just mention it was cold. People kept saying it wasn't bad compared to other years and to me that's insane because I was freezing. I didn't know how to dress for a run in the winter so I wore my base layer clothing, a pair of workout pants on top of that. On top I had a polyester base shirt, another base layer on that (the blue shirt), then my race shirt they gave me, and then my Under Armour thin jacket which no longer zips because I'm chunky but it's the only thin layer jacket I have. Then I had mittens and Olivia's ear muffs because Matt threw away my hats and gloves and his snow blowing gear. He did his big basement clean out and got a little TOO excited about throwing things out that he threw out things WE USE REGULARLY. 

The run itself was new to me because I've never ran or walked in the winter, and certainly never on ice or snow. The road wasn't snowy but there were some slick areas and I almost fell a couple of times. Once was by the guy at the turn around spot and he's like, "Oh! Oh! Oh- she saves it!" and then gave me a high five. So that was cool. I also want it noted that I didn't walk the whole thing, I ran for about half of it, even though it felt like my uterus was going to just fall to the ground. 
 I finished! I had no idea how long I was gone, but I know I was at the last of the pack of one milers, there were still people behind me, so that was kind of nice. 
Later on I got my results and I did it in 16:36 minutes, that's pretty good! I finished last in my age group, but that's alright. I kind of knew that was going to be the case. I had two friends who cheered for me as I started and then I had Matt on the side with Penelope and Lucy. Lucy apparently cried the entire time because she thought I was leaving them. HA! But once I saw Penelope at the end she's saying "Go Mommy Go" long after the race. So...delayed support, but support nonetheless. 

I hope you're doing something. I'm struggling but I haven't gone a week where I've done nothing, so I feel like that is something. 


Katie said...

Congrats on getting it done, girl!! Races really aren't about how fast you go, it's about showing up, being motivated by the people and atmosphere, and having fun! Sounds like you did just that!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Way to go lady! You did awesome! I love the swag, that is some of the cutest I've seen from any of the Turkey races around. We're getting snow today, I think snow angels will be high on my list to do with my kiddo.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Go you! I'm not sure I could run a mile...or even half a mile. Really, I'm a crap runner. hah I think it's amazing that you did it though!!!


mypixieblog said...

OMG that's amazing! You should feel so proud of yourself--and I totally DIED with the "I thought my uterus fell out" because I would likely have the same thought, too. Way to go, Sara!!