Thursday, December 5, 2019

Book Review: A Lady's Past

I just want to say quickly that this is book four in The Everton Domestic Society series but if you haven't read the others, it's totally fine. Each one is a stand alone. Also, can we just admire this gorgeous cover?!
A Lady's Past - A.S. Fenichel

The greatest risk—for the sweetest reward…

His fianc√©e’s betrayal nearly cost Jacques Laurent everything. Despite his resolve not to trust anyone again, he can’t abandon the young woman he finds alone on the road to London. In the brief hours they spend together, the enigmatic Diana touches his heart in a way he can’t explain. Even after bringing her to the Everton Domestic Society for safekeeping, he can’t get her out of his thoughts. And when he next encounters her, working as assistant to a renowned scientist, he becomes even more intrigued…

The Society’s kindness is especially welcome after everything Diana endured in a French prison, but she fears for the safety of those who get close to her. French spies are on her trail, convinced that her scientific knowledge can help them win the war. As peril draws them irrevocably together, Diana and Jacques succumb to mutual desire. But love may be the most dangerous pursuit of all, when a lady guards her heart even more carefully than she guards her life...

Normally I'm not a fan of historical romance but every once in awhile one comes along and I feel like its too good to pass up, and this was one of them. I'm glad I got a chance to read it because while it isn't going to convince me to grab more historical romances, I really enjoyed reading it.

The book starts off immediately on page one with Jacques Laurent nearly running into Diana, on the run presumably from spies. Diana reluctantly accepts a ride into London with Jacques but after an unexpected storm forces them to stay the night at a nearby inn, Jacques knows he can't in good conscious leave her so he convinces her to accept the help of the Everton Domestic Society. I feel like had I read the other three books I would have more of an idea of who they are and their entire background, but I was still able to enjoy the book, so don't let that deter you.

I really liked Diana because she wasn't afraid to fend for herself or do things on her own but she's also intelligent enough to accept help when that's the most logical choice. Jacques also is rather progressive given the time period and doesn't treat her as if she's below him because of her gender or social status, he sees her as equal and treats her even better. If I had to tell you something I didn't love.. I would say the dialogue is close to cheesy. Granted, this is a historical romance so this might be me not used to it but Jacques fawning over Diana was eye roll worthy and I didn't love it.

The espionage and murder aspects will keep you on your toes (almost making is a suspense) and the romance is an absolute slow burn. Which I suppose given the time period it would be. Danger is abound since Diana is a bit of a target and everywhere she goes, nothing good happens so anytime Jacques gets close to her she bolts because she doesn't want anything to happen to him.

Overall? I'm giving this 3 stars. I liked it, I would read more of this series and this author. If you're a fan of historical romance and are looking for a short read, this would be a good option for you.

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