Sunday, December 8, 2019

Book Review: Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship

I looked and last year I only read like one holiday themed book which is just terrible. I'm more than making up for it this year, though so there's that. Of course it's a book by Brittainy C. Cherry because if I had to sum up 2019 with one author, it would be her.

Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship - Brittainy C. Cherry

All families have secrets, and Jules Stone’s is no exception. Deciding not to follow in her family's Oscar-winning footsteps, Jules chooses to take a more behind-the-scenes career in one of the Top 10 Talent Agencies in Chicago. After being dumped five hours before spending Christmas with her dysfunctional family, she needs a plan to avoid their judgmental eyes.

Enter: Kayden Reece.

Kayden is the black sheep of his family, being the one actor drowning in a world of doctors and lawyers. Never really getting a jumpstart at his acting career or landing a big time role, he can feel his dad’s disappointment soaking into his spirit.

When Kayden gets a chance to meet and sign with a big name agent at Walter and Jacks Talent Agency, he’s ready to prove everyone wrong. Jules stumbles into the building in shambles, ugly crying, and begging to pay an actor a big sum of money to be her made-up boyfriend for five days, Kayden jumps at the opportunity—finally able to say he landed a role.

When secrets start to unravel, Kayden and Jules must learn that all families have their baggage, sometimes co-stars fall in lust, and it’s important to always have invisible mistletoe hanging around.

This holiday season join the two fake lovebirds as they partake in the role of a lifetime. 

I'll tell you right now if you're coming into this book fresh off her other books which are sex and emotional and leave you a gutted mess, you can just relax. A completely out-of-her-norm foray into romantic comedy doesn't leave you disappointed. We still have the angst, we still have the "Oh man, did he screw up too much?!", we still have everything that makes a book by Brittainy C. Cherry great. This one just has a whole bunch of fun holiday humor throughout that makes this an incredibly fun read.

In this book we have Jules, fresh off a really crappy breakup and kind of a clinger. We have Kayden, a bit of an irresponsible play boy who doesn't really know what he is doing in life. They get together (there's a whole thing, you have to read the book, I'm heavily summarizing this) as a pretend couple and basically, it all goes to hell. Jules forgot to mention her family are incredibly famous actors and Kayden forgot to mention he really isn't a hired actor he just happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. What unravels is the holiday from hell but in the funniest way possible. The slow burn romance between Jules and Kayden is really great and to see both of them individually grow over those few days is really pretty great.

Also, I loved the epilogue. A lot.

Overall? I'm giving this one 5 stars because I love this author but also because I couldn't put this down and it had me laughing throughout. If you need a fun holiday read- this is it!

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