Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 2019 Wrap up.... 2020 Goals

I knew going into December it was going to fly by because I had a lot going on and the sheer amount of work that goes into Christmas makes days go by. It's only dawned on me in the last day that this is the end of a decade and that's weird but I also no longer have concept of time so I guess maybe it isn't so weird after all.
December Highlights:
  • We had Snowmaggedon at the very end of November but it carried over in December and it was ridiculous. It was the first time (that I can remember) that I was legitimately snowed in and unable to leave my house. 
  • The big three went to Grandma's for the weekend, so Matt and I only had Lucy and it was a DREAM. When the big three came back we made a last minute decision to go to Bentleyville to see all of the Christmas lights and freeze our asses off waiting for Santa in the name of tradition. 
  • I really struggled with depression this month, I saw the weight loss doctor and learned I was fatter than I thought I was and started a diet in which I think I'm failing and I can't wait to go back in January. Ha!
  • I gave you a recap of my Best Books of 2019 and I hope you found your next read on there. 
  • Olivia had her first 8th grade band concert, they did SO well!! A far cry from the squeaky and rough 6th grade band!
  • Olivia, Penelope, and Lucy had a dance recital (pictures coming soon). 
  • Penelope had her first grade school winter concert. She did pretty well but was totally nervous and it was adorable. 
  • Lucy had a family fun day at school so I can and we made crafts and sang songs. She was totally excited to show me all the things. 
  • We had Christmas and it was great. 
Books I read:
2020 Goals
I'm going to put my yearly goals for 2020 here because I feel like January is all about setting yourself up for the rest of the year, so we are doing that all month and coming up with a plan. 
  • Our current debt (not including our home or vehicle) is hovering at $41,000. We would like to get that down to $28,000. To get there it means really buckling down on things. Sorry friends, we likely won't be sending fun things to you randomly during the year. We probably won't be doing a lot of fun stuff that isn't free. We're going to do a budget friendly vacation this year. We need to figure out how to free up $1100 per month or so to do this. 
  • Budget friendly vacation! We do plan on doing a road trip but we're looking at the possibilities to cross a bunch of states off our list but also won't break the bank. Option A: Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Option : Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky. Please weigh in. Our requirement to cross it off is to do a touristy thing in each state, maybe more than one. 
  • Continue with therapy and get through the year. I know that seems kind of dumb, but I know 2020 is going to be a difficult year for me because the support system I've relied on is going to be gone, so I will have to do a lot all on my own. I know, millions of people do this every day, but I struggle. I can no longer "go with the flow" or multi-task and I struggle with every day things. I look "normal", I sound "normal", I am not "normal". I have been struggling with a lot of things and the realization that I'm at my peak recovery and I'm not back to my normal.... it's upsetting to say the least. 
  • Olivia and I are going to Washington D.C./New York City in March and I'm so excited for her. Her friends who are going are excited that I am going to because I think having a mom you know is comforting. I am scared shitless and I am so worried I'm going to get sick, get disoriented/confused, or that something will happen to me. This is my first time going somewhere without some I know/trust helping me. I am terrified. 
  • I would like to finish our Missouri vacation and my Vegas vacation scrapbooks this year. I really want to get back into scrapbooking. 
  • Organize my office/library/craft room. Matt says he will help and build me a table/desk to make my room seem larger and maybe help me with storage and I am so excited and really hope it happens. I just need to find some ideas now! 
  • Lose 15 pounds. I know my goal for 2019 was to lose 5 pounds, and I did that (barely) but my goal for 2020 is to lose 15. I can do this, I have to buckle down. 
That's it, those are my goals for 2020. What are some of your goals? 


Anonymous said...

You've got some great goals for 2020 and I can't wait to see how you do with them. Cheering you on, friend!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Definitely a busy December, but full of fun things too! Good luck with all of your 2020 goals. I'd like to lose at least 15 pounds this year too, though if I could lose more than that, it would be awesome. I just really need to be more active and get back to eating healthier - so this will be the year of experimenting with recipes and what things keep me full the longest, etc.

I'm glad you're going on the trip with Olivia, but I understand the being worried/scared. I hope that everything goes well though and you have a blast! I recommend Option B for your road trip, mostly because I'm Kentucky/Ohio and it would be cool to meet you - and I can help you find things to do better.

Good luck with paying down debt My current debt is all student loans, but man is it stressful!