Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Book Review: Alpha Asher

I got suckered into another app to read books but I have SWORN THEM OFF FOREVER. This time I used GoodNovel and it was such a freaking racket. I'm not even going to tell you how much money I sunk into this book, but I was too far in and I was invested. 

Mistakes were made. 

Alpha Asher

Lola always assumed that her and her boyfriend Alpha Tyler were mates. On Tyler's 18th birthday, her world comes crumbling down. Broken hearted, she flees from her pack for an entire year. Tragedy forces Lola to return home where she finds the infamous Alpha Asher in charge. This time around, Lola may actually have a shot at happiness. That is, until she finds out who her mate truly is.

OK, I've discovered books on these apps are mostly written horribly. Grammar issues, spelling issues, things that make no damn sense, they are really difficult to read. I was also reading another book that I liked a lot more than this one but it literally stopped out of nowhere, no idea if more would ever come or not. I'm angry about it. 

I haven't really read a lot of paranormal romance as of late but I forget how much I like it until I'm hip deep into. I really liked this one, so long as I look beyond all of the issues with the writing. I mean, it was like reading a middle school level creative fiction at points and I'll tell you, it was painful. I did like Lola and Asher though and you know right away that these two were going to end up mates, and the greater story (a werewolves versus vampire battle brewing) was really interesting. I did like how things were unraveled, but it is literally TOO long. Throughout the book there are "author notes" apologizing on how long it was and promised that it wasn't to lure people into paying so much money on purpose, but honestly, what other reason is there? By the time I finished this, I felt like if this had a significant amount of editing, this could easily be self published and would make a cool series. 

If that happened, would I read more? Probably not. I feel like I've done my time with this and god knows I spent enough money. The moral of the story though? Avoid the story apps all together. You'll spend more money than you want and get mediocre stories at best. 

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Unknown said...

Found the whole book at allreadingworlds.com. It’s full of embedded ads but I’ll be damned if I pay for someone’s unedited novel. I’m enjoying it so far, though it’s lengthy