Wednesday, March 4, 2015

31 weeks. Ice cream is my very best friend.

I'll be honest, as my due date draws near, I am getting more and more nervous about what is coming my way. Maybe because I know exactly what is coming in terms of sleep loss, leaking boobs, and non stop crying? I don't totally know, but I also know that I am just as excited. Mostly because I love babies and I love watching a tiny human learn something every day and seeing the wonder in their eyes when they discover something new.

But at 31 weeks, I'm still incubating that tiny human, so I face challenges. Here's what 31 weeks feels like:

  • Lots of pressure down there. 
  • She feels so large in me. Logistically, I know she isn't as big as my stomach but it feels like she's out of room, which is terrifying because we have nine weeks left. 
  • Sleeping is a joke. It's not happening. 
  • I sweat a lot. I don't remember ever being this warm with either kid, not even Olivia and I was pregnant with her the entire summer. But I get up in the morning and you can see a giant wet spot from me sweating through my sheets. Needless to say, a lot of laundry has been happening. 
  • I pee a lot. 
  • Sometimes I make it to the bathroom. 
  • And no matter what, my bladder is always like, "Oh, I feel empty. Good JOB, Sara!". But then I get up and start walking around and then my bladder is like, "HAHA- I'm messing with you. Notice you're peeing your pants right NOW? You're welcome." 
  • My bladder is an absolute jerk. I'd like to know what kind of shape Michelle Duggar's bladder is in if mine is like this after three pregnancies. Jerk. 
  • I've had two people today say, "Oh, you must be due any day!". HAHA-  nope. Nine weeks. They then show me a look of horror and I can only give a "I'm fully aware how huge I am." face back. 

My first outing wear sweatpants. The SHAME. 

I got Seussified at work this week. 

Penelope got some cute new outfits from uncle Travis and aunt Krystle. 

And even more from my cousin Michelle and aunt Denise in Florida. 

I think next week I'll share her nursery and what it looks like. I think I have everything the way I want it and it looks so good. So, so good. I love just sitting in there, rocking in the chair, feeling her move around. I used to do that before I had Olivia, all summer I'd rock in her room and look out the window and think about what it'll be like to have a baby. Now I get to do it all over again and wonder what it's like to have three kiddos. The next few weeks are going to be exciting and a little nerve wracking, but I'm excited. Matt is getting more excited too. It's kind of sweet because at night now he says good night to me, but will always say, "Good night Penelope. Don't kick your mother." HA! 

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