Saturday, July 30, 2016

Crafty Saturday: Baby's First Shoe Shadow Boxes

One of my favorite baby gifts to give to someone is a shadow box to eventually display baby's first shoes. It's something I came up with when Olivia and Jackson were little because I wanted to keep their shoes, but didn't know how to necessarily do that.

I have them hanging on the wall by their room next to my 4x10 collage photo of them at 9 months.

So when I had Penelope I knew that I would do the same thing so I'm consistent with every kid. Plus I always think maybe in 40 years or something, these shoes will look super old fashioned or something, and would be a cute thing to have in their homes to show their kids or grandkids, who knows?
I just finished her box and have a box ready to go for Fetus Four. No shoes yet, but who knows. And I always use my favorite pair of their shoes that I would always put on their feet, not necessarily their first walking shoes.
But I've made them for gifts, as well. I tried finding more photos of other boxes I've done but this was the first (and most recent) so we'll go with these. I sent t his as a gift to a blogger friend because I had noticed her daughter always wore a pair of green shoes similar to the red ones Olivia had above, but without a bow. So in my head, I thought those would go in this box really well. That and their daughter isn't girly girl so much so I thought the orange/green combo is girly but not overtly so and would look nice together.

I have gotten lots of requests about making these as custom orders and YES. I would happily do that for anyone! I'd need a general idea of what the shoe looks like so I can match colors, so I always suggest that if you are giving this as a gift, maybe buy a super cute pair of shoes to go with it so it's like a gift set. People often email me a picture of what the shoes look like and I go from there. So if this is something you are interested in, let me know and I'm happy to work with you!

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