Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Now, Please

I've been whipping through books during my insomnia at night, which is good for you, right? Of course it is.

Now, Please - Willow Summers

His secrets could tear us apart.

I've done what no other woman has: I've made the legendary Hunter Carlisle make a compromise. I have a toehold into his solitary life.

Unfortunately, the pain of his past still lingers.

When we're forced to go to a work conference out of state, secrets emerge. Damaging secrets that shut him down and make him push me away.

Somehow I have to make him confront the past or I'll lose him forever. 

Full disclaimer, this is book two in the Please series, and it is NOT a stand alone. You really need to read the first book, but it's OK because these are relatively short books (for me) coming in at just under 200 pages. You can easily get through one in a weekend, even if you aren't a fast reader. Second disclosure, the writing style is NOT the greatest. It just isn't. I don't know if it's just the edition I have or what, but I have found quite a few grammatical errors and things that were missed in the editing process. I'm OK with that because I'm used to reading advanced copies of books so I've learned to read beyond those, but in this case, this isn't a requested review- this is my fun book off my shelf, reviewing it just because I can kind of review.

But let's talk about the meat of the book, because that's what matters here.

We come back to Hunter and Olivia, and the complicated relationship they've worked themselves into. In this book Olivia is still working for Hunter, she's officially accepted her role as his admin which means she's working for him but she's also having sex on demand. He warns her repeatedly that he isn't the guy that can give her forever after and she tells him she knows that but let's be honest- we know that's going to be an issue later in the book because that's the blueprint of these types of books. The nice part of this book is that we start to get to know Hunter, his past, and the strained relationship with his father. We also get to see Olivia step up and not be a push over like SO MANY female leads in romance novels. Hunter wants her to use her charm to find out how he can come ahead his father in the buy out of another company, which she can easily do.

It all comes to a head when Hunter shows his jealousy, Olivia does her best to keep it together but despite it all, they struggle to maintain what they have. They have a falling out, everyone is sad, but one of them comes back and it's like a fresh start. It's an absolutely perfect ending for the book and a great set up for the third book... which you know I'm going to start right away. Overall I'd give this book 4/5 stars. The sexy scenes are great, the complicated nature of their relationship is great, and I actually really like the characters despite others not liking them so much. I feel like they are more likable than characters in similar books so there's that.

See for yourself how good these books are and order Now, Please on Amazon. If you're really smart, you'll just order the four book series HERE and save yourself some money, plus you'll have them all on hand to read one after the other.

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