Monday, July 18, 2016

Under An Adirondack Sky

Let's start your week off with a book review, shall we? Plus, it's still summer and this is another really great summer read for your beach bag!

Under An Adirondack Sky - Karen Rock

Can he juggle everything…including her? 

After raising his siblings and running the family pub for more than a decade, Aiden Walsh has set his own dreams aside. Until the most beautiful woman he's ever seen stumbles into his bar, and his arms. Too bad Rebecca Day is the school psychologist in charge of his brother's future. Who's he kidding? He doesn't have room in his full life for romance anyway. But forced to join Rebecca and her group of troubled teens on an Adirondack wilderness adventure, he realizes keeping his family afloat isn't enough for him…not by a long shot. 

Have you noticed I'm kind of hooked on Harlequin books lately? Can't stop, won't stop, lambs. Yes, it's a romance novel but this one falls under their Heartwarming category so you aren't going to get raunchy sex scenes and an over the top, slightly unbelievable story line you love anyways. It's a really lovely story about a woman, desperately trying to earn tenure at the school she's been at as a school psychologist, and earn enough to stay afloat financially on her own without relying on her well off aunt to help her. Enter Aiden, who after his father's death ten years earlier, has assumed responsibility for the family tavern, become dad to his younger siblings, and caregiver to his mother with dementia. It's a lot to take on and in the midst of it, his brother Connor is on the verge of being kicked out of school because of his behavior and Aiden is at a loss. He thinks what Connor needs is stern punishment whereas Rebecca, the school psychologist, thinks what Connor needs is Aiden to actually parent him.

Enter the wilderness adventure with children like Connor, and their parent/caregiver, which will hopefully be Rebecca's hail mary for tenure but also make a difference for these children.

Of course, Rebecca and Aiden, though they butt heads during their first professional meeting, it soon blossoms into a romance and once they go there, it's hard for them to stay away. It's a sweet romance but more importantly, it's full of characters you will actually LIKE. You'll not only like them, but you'll be rooting for them. You'll want Aiden to get his priorities together and put his family first, you'll want Rebecca to get the family she always wanted, and you want these teenagers to get back onto the right path for their own futures. And honestly? I kind of loved Connor. I could see why Rebecca had a soft spot for him, you know he's a good kid that just wants to be heard and actually listened to. Overall? I really liked this book. I flew through it during Penelope's nap times and it was a nice way to just relax after chasing her for several hours!

You can connect with Karen Rock on her website, Facebook, and Twitter! You can purchase your own copy of Under An Adirondack Sky on Amazon right now!
I received a review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review, all thoughts and comments are my own. 

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